Project New England


[W.I.P.] 4B9 - Simsbury Airport:

Make sure to view our new spreadsheet if you haven’t already!


4B9 - Simsbury Airport:


Main Ramp:

West Hangars:

Infinite Flight Global General Aviation Airport Tracking Thread

[W.I.P.] KAUG - Augusta State Airport

Remember to view the spreadsheet for this project. It was recently redesigned! :)


Hey I am from N.H. seacoast area…I see you have Portsmouth which was know as pease back in the 80’s…I would watch jets and tankers so on. my point is couldyou add rye airport in southern N.H. Thanks for the cool work…


Just did a quick search and “Rye Airport/Airfield” seems to be a skate park now. I presume the actual airport is closed now since I cannot find any information regarding that airport. If that’s the case, then I cannot edit it since it there’s no satellite imagery for the airport.

I’m not sure if it’ll appear in global flight as a closed airport, so you’ll have to wait and see.


KAUG – Augusta State Airport:


General Aviation Ramp & Hangar Area:

Now marked as completed on the spreadsheet:


KBOS - Boston-Logan International Airport:

I received some updated imagery and added the brand new A380 gates! I’ve also made a few changes to some other terminals. Before and after shots are below of terminals that have been modified:

Terminal A & Terminal A Satellite -



Terminal B -



Terminal E (International Terminal) -


After (3 A380 gates added; E10, E11, and E12):

North Cargo (Hardstands) & General Aviation Ramp -



I’ve also added a set of new hardstands near the J-pads and runway 14:


KCON progress will be posted soon! :)


How long did KBOS take? That is some amazing detail.


Thank you, sir!

KBOS took me about a month to do the first time around (due to school). This time, though, these changes only took me a few hours. :)


KCON - Concord Municipal Airport

Priority 3 – US State Capitals


General Aviation Ramp & Hangars:


KLWM lines nearly complete.


That’s in Rochester new


*Rochester New Hampshire?


Keep up the good work guys! I will neva lose faith in you guys!!!


KLWM finished - will be submitted for review shortly.


@Ksisky Hi thank you for your submission, but I cannot accept your airport at this time.

Here’s Why:
Unsnapped nodes in the main apron
Unneccessary holds on the runways
Cut holes for concrete buildings
Incorrect ATC Frequency according to charts
Incorrect Line attributes

Thank you for your effort,

Jk Jk, great work project new england! Hope you guys get this finished before the release of global, its gonna turn out great!


Hey, guys!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last edited an airport but I know I must finish this project as promised! Here’s a small quick one I did:

4B9 – Simsbury Airport (Simsbury, CT).


Apron Area:

I hope you guys have been enjoying flying in and out of New England area airports. I know I definitely have. :)


Much thanks. I’m going to start exploring some of the mountain borne airports in New Hampsire and Vermont.


[W.I.P.] KOQU – Quonset State Airport (North Kingstown, RI).

So. Many. Holes.

Should be finished by the end of the weekend, hopefully. :)


KOQU – Quonset State Airport (North Kingstown, RI).

Overview #1:

Overview #2:

Rhode Island Air National Guard Ramp:

Rhode Island Army Reserve:

General Aviation Ramp:

Finished before the end of the weekend as promised. This was a really nice airport to do. :)

PS: Hooray for post #300!