Project New England


###[W.I.P.] KRKD – Knox County Regional Airport:


Nathan, would it be ok if I edited Lincoln regional (KLRG)? It’s part of my Oxford-Oshkosh Trans-Atlantic flight in the SR22 for IFEAA AirVenture


Go for it. Just remember to post progress photos as well as the finished product in this thread.

Thank you and good luck. :)


Will start on Monday, then I’ve got some time :), thanks


###KRKD – Knox County Regional Airport:


South General Aviation Ramp & Hangars:

North General Aviation & Terminal Ramps & Hangars:


Can you do a project Indiana after New England?


Not planning on it. I won’t be able to do any more airport editing projects after this one since my free time will be extremely limited.

I’ll mainly focus on editing airports as part of priorities after Project New England is completed. :)


Ok. Thanks for response.


KLWM - Lawrence Municipal is now a work in progress!


Already marked it as [W.I.P.] for you. I noticed it while browsing through the issue tracker last night. :)

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the progress as well as the finished product.


Maine still has a lot to finish, global must be really hard work. Good luck on Maine and all the other states! :)


Can you please add Simsbury airport: FAA LID: 4B9 (No ICAO or IATA)


Then it can’t and won’t be added


@MathAviation7: I added it to the list and will get to it at some point since it’s a small airport.

@Insertusernamehere: I’ve told people that they can request a private or class echo airfield if they want to. Some have been asked to be edited and some have been edited by other contributors of this project or myself if you check the list. :)


Ah that’s ok I just didn’t know that included non ICAO ones


Taxiways at KLWM are complete!


Good work, Kev! Can’t wait to see its completion! :)


Airports with FAA LIDs are the only exception in this case, as most of them are currently in our database. You can’t obviously make up random codes/airports.


Deerfield Valley Regional Airport, Dover Vt


It comes along piece by piece! Buildings and lighting completed. (Forgot to turn on the option to show lights.)