Project New England


Update: Working on KHVN at the moment. Hoping to submit it this weekend.


Orlando Sanford --> Portsmouth


KHVN - Tweed New Haven Airport is complete.


Terminal Ramp:

General Aviation:

East Ramp, FBO Ramp & Hangars:

Sent for review and should be accepted soon.


@Nathan Any chance you could add me onto Project New England? Would love to add some local airports I frequent!


Absolutely! More hands make light work.


Hey everyone, I have gotten back on the grind. Here’s what I’ve worked on:

KSFZ - North Central State Airport (Rhode Island)


KBHB - Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport (Maine)


KBED is next so stay tuned for more. :)


KBED: Current Progress.


KBED: Update.


Here’s my progress on 0B5. Just a few more details to add and then it will be submitted.


0B5 - Turners Falls Airport is now complete.


North Hangars and Tie-Downs:

More North Hangars:

Airport has been sent in for review and will hopefully be accepted.

KORE is next up to be edited!


Is it ORE or ORH? The one in Worcester?


KORH is Worcester Rgnl. It’s been done for a while now. KORE is Orange Municipal. :)


Orange Municipal Airport in Orange, MA. KORH has already been completed.


Ah, ok. I thought it was KORH lol :)


Update: Current progress on KORE so far. Hoping to submit by Tuesday.


###KBED - Laurence G. Hanscom Field


General Aviation:

East Apron & Hangars:

Transient Ramp & FBO:


###Progress Update:

We are just about to reach 1/3 of the way there before this project is completed. There is still a bit more than half way to go but we are making great progress. This means we have a total of 28 airports that have been edited in order to make it high quality with accurate taxiways, gates, and other essentials.

Thanks to @Bobby, @N644US, and @Daniel_Cerritos and many others who have all of the contributed to the project thus far! :)


I still have some things to do :) I hope to finish some airports soon.


###KBID - Block Island State Airport


General Aviation & Terminal Ramps:

###KWST - Westerly State Airport


General Aviation & Terminal Ramps:

Fun Fact: New England Airlines is the only scheduled airline to fly between these two airports.


###7B2 - Northampton Airport


General Aviation & Hangars:

Requested by @Bobby and @Christoffer_Z.

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