Project New England


Thank you. Looking forward to a lot of short flights. Parking is not really an issue as all my flights or solo and start and end on the runway. Some time I do more than 1 cross-country flight at a time. I LOVE THIS APP.


KMHT - Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is complete!


Terminal Apron & Hardstands:

South and West Cargo Area:

Northeast General Aviation Ramp:

East General Aviation Ramp:

FBO Ramp (Signature Flight Support):

This was just sent in for review and should be accepted soon. Feedback is much appreciated! :)

Thanks to @Daniel_Cerritos for the assistance with the gates.


No problem, since MHT is my hometown airport ;). If you ever need more help, don’t hesitate to ask me. Btw, the airport looks great!


It really made the work a whole lot easier since you know the airport inside and out.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it! :)


Update: Started work on KBTV. :)


Looks great so far!


Looks good. I noticed taxi, parking and it looks like vehicle lanes. Will this also appear on Global and will there be a beacon and taxi lights?


Everything drawn will appear in Infinite Flight just like normal except the lighting. The only bit of lighting that will be seen is the beacon. :)


Can’t wait for 8B0, thanks for your good work! :)


So no taxi lights. I should do a night light to see if the beacon light is there now.


Thank you. :)

Yes, no taxi lights. Good idea also.


Update: KBTV is getting closer to completion. :)


Update: Placed all of the gates now. Now on to the service roads. Hoping to submit this tomorrow.


How hard is it to make airports? My Mac is running low on space, and it seems like this process takes hours (if not days). I’m willing to do it, it just seems like all the programs would take up a lot of space which I’m not willing to give up.


It’s not really hard, it’s just time consuming depending on how large the airport is that you’re doing. For me, it’s pretty easy at this point because I know all the keyboard commands and I can be really efficient with what I do.

I mean, my Mac is sorta brand new so I don’t have any trouble with space. You just need to make sure you have adequate space in order to download the xplane 10 demo. Everything shouldn’t take up a lot of space.


KBTV - Burlington International Airport is complete.



Cargo & Heritage Aviation FBO:

Vermont Army National Guard:

Vermont Air National Guard:

West General Aviation:

Southeast General Aviation:

This was sent it review. Do I dare repeat myself? You know the drill… ;) (feedback is appreciated!)


I can’t wait to start cargo flights between MHT and KBTV, which is a real flight in real life :). Good work! I’m busy at the moment, which means that the airport’s im working on Will take a while (got a job, school, and other things). Great work nevertheless!


Decided to work on something smaller this time around. KCQX - Chatham Municipal Airport is complete.


General Aviation Ramp:

Hangar Area:

Should be reviewed and accepted soon. :)


Here’s another one that I just completed: KEWB - New Bedford Regional Airport.


Terminal, Transient, and South General Aviation Ramps:

North General Aviation Ramp & Hangars:

Hope you like it! This makes the third airport in a row sent in for review. It should be accepted soon.


Looks amazing. Great job, Nathan!