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thanks for escorting us over Australia!

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When will you need another refuel?

No worries, did you get any fuel from me?

over Mexico

no, but it’ll look good for he video!
actually, I may have, il need to check the replay when im done

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alright, we have a KC10 following us over the pacific for a bit, id recommend getting a refill when im done

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also @CCH_real speed up to 0.80

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I think I can fly all the way with you 🤣🤣
Really appreciate these fuel from our KC10s

yeah no problem

Where are u ?

over the pacific

Do we need to speed up?
I need to go to sleep😴

Anyone need one last refuel before I go back?

Bye see 😇😇😇

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do you have enough fuel to get to Mexico?

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I love those pics, I like the KC-10 one the most

stunning pictures!

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@Wonderousbuilder641 @CCH_real @Etron hey were only 2 hours away from landing, do you want to escort the landing?

Unfortunately I can’t, I wish I could though