Project Navigation


What is project navigation? Project Navigation is a challenge ive decided to embark on. Fly around the globe in a (somewhat) straight line. All 40,000 kilometres, and all 47 hours. So did a little bit of planning, i came up with Project Navigation.

So whats the plan? The best aircraft option is the Boeing 747 VC-25, since it has the best range for being able to re-fuel mid-air. Speaking of Aerial refueling, i am hoping I can get a second pilot to fly in a KC-10, and refuel midair over first India and then Australia, if you would like to be this pilot, DM me!

Pilot, or Pilots:

If you would like to escort me at any point of this mission, go right ahead! That means you’ll most likely appear in a legendary video idea that this is!

The flight plan will be posted a few days before this Saturday, which is when i will depart!


I can help with any refueling, you can DM me when and where. Just I would ask if you do it like 24 hours in advance, since I am not constantly checking my IFC.

Sounds like a great idea. Would love to escort you one time :)

u got discord it will be easier to communicate with us

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I’ll also be of assitance if needed, I am active from 13hZulu to 3hZulu (message me via IF PM)

I will also be available to escort. I won’t be able to escort you the whole ways in the KC-10, but if you are ever need of a desperate refuel, I can help :)

Thanks! Ill give you a message if needed!

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Alright, were taking off now! You can escort me if you’d f like, wew taking off from KTTS!

first refuel over Europe!


after just over a full 24 hours into the flight, we are at refuel no.3 with IF_cali!

CC-CCH is here!

we see you!

dont be shy, you can come up a little closer

you can refuel

Gotcha, the super hornet is on the front now

im gonna go to sleep, you can still follow if you’d like

wilco, wish you a safe flight!

It’s 0909Z now, I still got 5.5h fuel.
When will the next DC10 arrived? I think I can also refuel my aircraft.🤣🤣🤣🤣

I’m 30nm ahead of you now at FL350. Let me know if you want fuel :)