Project Montana

It shows a purple grid when i sett in the Picture from SASplanet

Ask that question on slack in discussion. Not on IFC.

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I have done that but they say i should then just say Airports that should be Updated.

I’ve been working on several smaller GA airports lately for the upcoming XCub!

32S - Stevensville Airport:

RC0 - Rock Creek Airport:

KDLN and U05 are also in the review process with 38S and 00F in progress thanks to @Pro_FS and @Czechoslovaki respectively.

Note that KGTF (Great Falls International) has been delayed until there is satellite imagery available for the current layout.


@PlaneCrazy which route do you recomend to fly in Montana since you live there and i live in Norway so i want a good expirience in the beautfull mountains in Montana?

I have thought about KMSO-KGPI

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@DL_FILM I live there too are you thinking commercial or around the state


I recommend KMSO-KBIL


For commercial I would recommend routes like KSEA to KBZN, KDEN to KMSO, KMSP to KGPI, KPDX to KBIL, and KSLC to KBTM.

For GA try KWYS to KBIL, RC0 to KMSO, MT17 to 49S, KGPI to KMSO, and 32S to U05.

Basically anything on the western side of the state, eastern Montana doesn’t have many views.

I wrote an article last year showcasing the best places to fly in the state that might help:

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Thank you!!!🙏🙏

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I am thinking GA with the XCub in a route but i turn Heading manually so i can fly around the beatutifull mountains, Thank you too, now i have a lot to choose from.

I’m almost done d=


KDLN - Dillion Airport:

U05 - Riddick Field (Philipsburg):

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Nice work @PlaneCrazy!

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