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With over 147,000 square miles of land, hundreds of mountain ranges, thousands of water bodies, and 3 National Parks, my home state of Montana is an absolutely beautiful place to visit both in real life and Infinite Flight. Unfortunately, with less than 10 edited airports and very few flights per day, it is severely underrated and neglected in our simulator. That is why I joined Infinite Flight Airport Editing. Over the next year I hope to edit as many significant airports in Montana as possible to make the state a more enjoyable place to fly in and out of. I will start with larger commercial airports and work my way down to some of the most interesting GA airports, making each as realistic and high quality as possible. I hope that many other editors can contribute to this effort as well, and that we can make this beautiful place great again in Infinite Flight!


Here is a list of people who have redone airports in Montana. I am the only one who is actively working on the project (PM me if you want to join me), but I have also included a list of people who have contributed airports in the past. Thanks for your work guys!



Other Contributors



Below you will find several tables of airports categorized by type and the current status of the each. Each table (except for GA) is organized by size and passengers per year. In the status section I have included tags that show the current place in the editing process of each, as well as my plans for future reworks. (High Priority) indicates that I plan do to the airport, (Low Priority) indicates that I would like to do the airport at some point but do not plan on it, and (Requested) means that an IFC member has asked for it to be done and I will do it as soon as I can. If you would like to request an airport in Montana to be given priority, please reply to this post and include the ICAO and the reason you want it done (please give a good reason). Also note that I have not included all of the GA airports in Montana to save space, only the ones that interest me or that have already been redone.

Primary Commercial Airports

ICAO Status
KBZN Redone by @brunocr98
KBIL Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KMSO Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KGPI Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KGTF Needs Redone (Delayed due to bad satellite imagery)
KHLN Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KBTM Redone by @PlaneCrazy

Secondary Commercial Airports

ICAO Status
KWYS Redone by @brunocr98
KSDY Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KOLF Redone by @brunocr98
KGGW Being Redone by @Sashaz55
KGDV Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KHVR Needs Redone (High Priority)

Airforce Bases/Private Airports

ICAO Status
KGFA Needs Redone (High Priority)
07MT Redone by @brunocr98
MT59 Needs Redone (Low Priority)

General Aviation Airports

ICAO Status
3U3 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KMLS Redone by @hiflyer
8S1 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
6S5 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KDLN Redone by @PlaneCrazy
U05 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
32S Redone by @PlaneCrazy
S27 Needs Redone (Low Priority)
23S Redone by @PlaneCrazy
38S Redone by @PlaneCrazy
MT84 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
RC0 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
00F Redone by @Claudio
KRED Redone by @PlaneCrazy
S59 Redone by @PlaneCrazy
KBHK Being Redone by @Sashaz55
KTHM Redone by @Ecoops123

Progress Map

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you have any questions, or if you see any errors with my airports. Hope to see you flying in the beautiful state of Montana!


Quick question, are we allowed to contribute? I am currently doing a few Malaysian airports, but I’m sure I could help out with this ( =

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You are welcome to contribute:-) Just PM me and let me know what airports you are doing, I will add them to the list!

Ok, will do! ( =

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Ahh great another state project! Montana is definitely a very beautiful place. I might contribute if I can catch a break from my MD project…

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You have no idea how grateful I am for this. Loving these different projects going on. Now I can do some regional flights to all the airports.

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This is great news. Montana is a beautiful state!

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Love this! I’m also a Montana resident and my airport has no gates (KMSO). Im excited to see the finished product!

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Hey man, it’s awesome to meet a fellow Montanian! I live near KMSO as well and just redid the entire airport. It will be in the next update:-)

Also, I will be redoing this airport as requested to make it more realistic. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ve seen it before but forgot about it.

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Just got several airports approved for the next update:

KMSO - Missoula International Airport:


8S1 - Polson Airport:


MT48 - Mower Field:


(Thanks @Kilt_McHaggis for the photos!)

I also have KHLN, KBIL, and KSDY pending approval:-)


KHLN - Helena Regional Airport:


KBIL - Billings International Airport:


KSDY - Sidney Municipal Airport:


And that’s it for the upcoming update. I’m planning on having KGTF, 32S, RC0, and a few others done for the one after if everything goes according to plan.


I am sad!!! I can’t Edit there but i want.

I have been in the Airport Editing Team for a long while but i haven’t edited one Airport because in the World Editor it says i need to pic a Sencery folder and i have piced a Sencery folder “Airport Editing folder” Why?

And it dosn’t work to unzip all the Airports from Github.

You need a special folder

Hi! Please review the set up section of the Beginners Guide and/or contact ask on the IFAET for help. Hopefully you can start editing soon:-)


Contact a supervisor? Uh, please no. I don’t want to be bothered with every simple question. Just ask in slack for assistance.


I can begin soon, my good pilot @Jens_Severin has helped me!!


I can’t edit because i think my PC can’t handle it.

Hey, maybe you can ask that on slack. I’m sorry your computer is not enough to run World Editor.

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