Project Minnesota

Project ran by @Gabe_Z and @Aceorbit

Currently, most of Minnesota’s commercial airports have been redone, but some are not up to date, take a look below to see which ones are in line to be remade:

Commercial Airports - Ranked by Passenger Numbers

Airport Status Passenger Numbers
KMSP Up to date 38,037,381
KRST Up to date 366,542
KDLH Up to date 280,865
KBJI Up to date 61,430
KSTC Up to date 40,821
KBRD Up to date 19,000
KHIB Awaiting new imagery - Work in Progress 15,089
KINL Up to Date 14,000

There are also the general aviation relief airports for the Twin Cities Metro Area that will need to be reworked:

Airport Status
KANE Needs a rework
KMIC Needs a rework
KFCM Up to date
KLVN Up to date
KSGS Up to date
KSTP Up to date
21D Work in Progress

Map of edited airports in Minnesota, courtesy of @Kilt_McHaggis:

Spreadsheet of Minnesota Airports

Would you like to see a certain Minnesota airport edited/fixed in Infinite Flight? Fill out the google forums below


really cool i personnally made a project idaho thread.

How many airports are Remaining in Project Minnesota?

I swear this is the 3rd post for this project I’ve seen. Are you just trying to farm likes? lol

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I was about to say something then I realized you were a IFAE manager

KSTC has been reworked recently to add new spawns and fix markings! It will probably be in the next update.

Apron Overview

Main Apron

National Guard Apron


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