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The land of 10,000 lakes, from the densely coniferous forest up in Northern Minnesota to the prairie land in the South. The land get dumps of snow in the very cold winter and get hammered from the hail falling out of the dark cloud in the summer. The land where there are 344 airports, from commercial to military base to regional to municipal to private to heliport. Here, @Gabe_Z and @Aceorbit the gods of Minnesota Project. Minnesota is our home and we edit for it!

Currently, 22.7% of all airports in Minnesota are redone which makes 77.3% to edit all airports. Most of Minnesota’s commercial airports have been redone, but 2 airports are not up to date, take a look below to see which ones are in line to be remade:

Commercial Airports - Ranked by Passenger Numbers

Airport Status Passenger Numbers
KMSP Up to date 38,037,381
KRST Up to date 366,542
KDLH Up to date 280,865
KBJI Up to date 61,430
KSTC Minor corrections 40,821
KBRD Up to date 19,000
KHIB In progress 15,089
KINL Up to date 14,000

There are also the relief airports that will need to be reworked:

Airport Status
KANE Needs a rework
KMIC Needs a rework
KFCM Up to date
KLVN Up to date
KSGS Up to date
KSTP Up to date
21D Needs a rework

That’s only 15 airports shown above. For the sake of this thread, I will not write out the list here but there is a Google sheet that has all Minnesota airports that are on the list.

Would you like to see a certain Minnesota airport edited/fixed in Infinite Flight? Fill out the google forums below

Would you like to see a map of all of the airports in Minnesota that have been reworked/not reworked? Check out the link below! (Note, link not available due to embedding seems to hate me.)


Minnesota Map Changes: May 31, 2020

Hi everyone, I have a nice exciting news.

You see, @Kilt_McHaggis, has made nice changes to Minnesota Google Map. Here what is changed:

  • Airstrip logo is changed.
  • The edited airport will now show when it was added to the repository.
  • If the airport has route, it will now include a link in the airport route list.

As you know, the map wasn’t changed for a long time and gave a snarkly removed airport on there so now it’s no longer there.

It has a new link so if you wish to see, click here.

Make sure you give an awesome thanks to Kilt for this.

20% in the Whole State: May 27, 2020

Hello! I am excited to tell the folks that we have 1/5 airports that are edited in the whole state. Yet, a little milestone, but since the global came out, we had finally reached this little milestone. From our team, who have edited a single Minnesota airport or 10 Minnesota airports, we still thank them for their work.

Yet, the next milestone is near but worth it.

From Gabe, a causally Minnesotan.


I didn’t know gods need their airports reviewed


Just only for “Minnesota” God where the strips are piece of cakes. lol

I love seeing the statistics of airport editing, really love the spreadsheet as well, good luck with this!

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November Update

After months of no activity in the Minnesota Project. It has come back for the November Update. We will keep working! So far, we only edited 3 airports.
14Y - @Gabe_Z

The Whole Airport:

The Ramp Area:

16D - @Gabe_Z

The Whole Airport:

The Ramp Area:

4MN4 - @Aceorbit

The Whole Airport:

The Ramp Area:

Thank you, guys.

A final thing, I have started working on KHIB. Expect to be in December Update as long as Ryan doesn’t get annoyed at reviewing.


I don’t know what you’re talking about . . .

FIgured give this topic a little update. It’s been quiet for the past 2 months and not much happening because of the Holiday season which is already over. KHIB might be needing Google satellite imagery, because Bing sucks at how much quality. It was very difficult to see the lines on the newly constructed area. I’m pretty sure that Google satellite imagery will be up to date sometimes later this year since it’s been since 2015 which is 6 years ago. Totally sucks, but hopefully this year.