Project Minnesota

Rochester International Airport is redone by my choice. Here is the preview of the airport.


Finally, someone who cares about this state!


What exactly are you implying? It seems somewhat inflammatory to claim that it’s because editors don’t care that they don’t pour hundreds of man hours into completing a specific US state. I wish that was an exaggeration, but sadly it’s not. A lack of focus on a territory should not be taken as a general lack of caring about a territory.


It was a lighthearted joke

Hey guys,

KSTP (St. Paul Airport/Holman Field) is pending approval. It’s located in Twin Cities and near KMSP. KSTP is mostly GA Airport.

Also, I am working on KANE which is north of Twin Cities.

Here is another nice airport redone for the next scenery push, KDLH in northern Minnesota serving the port city of Duluth. If you would like to request an airport in Minnesota to be reworked please use the Google Forum that will be linked below and is linked above in the thread.

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My Home airport/Flight training base IRL. Thanks so much!