Project Minnesota

Minnesota, the state of walleye fishing, hockey, and freezing cold weather. More often than not, Minnesota is neglected in Infinite Flight, often due to its lack of reworked and up to date airports, which is why @Gabe_Z and @Aceorbit have picked up this project to bring the airports of this wonderful state to life.

Currently, most of Minnesota’s commercial airports have been redone, but some are not up to date, take a look below to see which ones are in line to be remade:

Commercial Airports - Ranked by Passenger Numbers

Airport Status Passenger Numbers
KMSP Up to date 38,037,381
KRST Up to date 366,542
KDLH Up to date 280,865
KBJI Minor Corrections 61,430
KSTC Minor corrections 40,821
KBRD Up to date 19,000
KHIB Awaiting new imagery 15,089
KINL Minor Corrections 14,000

There are also the relief airports that will need to be reworked:

Airport Status
KANE Needs a rework
KMIC Needs a rework
KLVN Up to date
KSGS In Official Review
KSTP Up to date
21D Needs a rework

There are also hundreds of general aviation airports that will be reworked, but I will not be mentioning them for the sake of space.

Would you like to see a certain Minnesota airport edited/fixed in Infinite Flight? Fill out the google forums below

Would you like to see a map of all of the airports in Minnesota that have been reworked/not reworked? Check out the link below!


IFAE’s hard work is appreciated as always. Thanks!


I’d love to see KFCM redone soon! :)

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To be precise it’s the IFAET as the IFAE is something different.


I feel I had a computer, I would totally help you guys out. Thank you for helping bring Minnesota Airports up to date

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I always thought it was the NFLRW :p


Yeah, computer are expensive here. I am using my laptop and it work great for editing airport.

Great work guys. I have plenty of other area maps linked to IF airports if others want to start their own Airport Editing airports. The maps are updated as and when airports are complete. All you have to do is ask :)


Cloquet/Carlton County Airport (KCOQ) re-done by request. If you would like to request an airport in Minnesota to be reworked please use the Google Forum that will be linked below and is linked above in the thread.


How is that even possible? You should know that the team doesn’t take requests (as I’ve seen you in other airport editing related threads). As if simply requesting an airport wasn’t enough, you go and request one from a completely different state. I apologize if I’m coming across a bit too sarcastic, but what you have done is effectively slapped Gabe and Daniel across the face with a leaky rubber glove full of flour.

I mean honestly, if you had put a bunch of effort into, say, an event series highlighting airports in England, how would you feel if someone asked for you to plan a stop at an airport in Romania? This is the type of thing editors who pour so much effort into this sim shouldn’t have to deal with. I recommend reaching out to Gabe and Daniel to thank them for their dedication to this project.

On behalf of the slack group,

Thanks for the laughs


If you would like more airports done in Tennessee then join the team


I tried. But i cant figure out jack squat about what you need on your computer.

It was a suggestion. What they did was great work. You took it the wrong way.

@HadenJohnson I feel like its more than just minnesota in the US - 4 out of the 7 largest airports in montana don’t have any gates. The ones that do are KGPI, KBTM, and KBZN. The ones that don’t are KMSO, KBIL, KGTF, and KHLN (the capital of montana). I would love to join an airport editing team, if thats possible.

Send an email to with your email and GitHub username, and we’ll get you started :)


@Aceorbit Can you change the KRST for Currently being redone

I have to say I love flying into KRST. It is such a fun airport to fly into.

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Glad you like KRST, I am actually working on that airport for redo.

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Flew in there this morning actually. Cool little airport. Can’t wait to see a rework.

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@Kate_Russell @HiFlyer KRST is done! It will be in May Scenery Update.