Project Midwest

Cant wait for this one! Good luck :)


Any update on KMSP?


You are correct , its very time consuming. Even longer if its left stagnant. Someone commented it hasn’t been worked on since July in the posts.

I hope it is active !

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I got a WIP of KGRR and 3D progress with the B concourse for everyone within the IFC!

Progress is moving along slowly but swiftly! I estimate that KGRR will be completed in 4 weeks.

Please note that it does not mean KGRR will be ready for release or released!


All these airports are looking fresh awesome job!

Here is a WIP shot of Ohio State University (KOSU) made by me! Here is the custom tower that I made to make it match irl. OSU is almost complete, just some final touches to be made! Please note that this is not the final product, and things can be subject to change. I hope you enjoy this WIP shot!