Project Midwest

No need to post it twice…

Just curious, is anyone working on STL Lambert Airport?

Doesn’t appear like it.

A black snakes livery for the A-10 would be nice but it will still be fun to fly out of there


Guess what? Another Midwest airport is starting to be worked on! @karl_iszler Will be working on Hector International (KFAR) in North Dakota. It’s much appreciated!


I was being sarcastic. Fort Wayne is bigger. In spirit, at least. ;)

The 122nd is starting to convert their A-10s into F-16s, so there’s a lot of potential there.

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Is anybody working on Detroit

But y’all still won’t do DFW

It will come one day. you just have to be on the lookout! :)


It might even be a current work in progress 👀


Welcome to the great IFC!

Three new Midwestern airports have been added to 22.5!! These airports are:

St. Louis Lambert International (KSTL)

Will Rogers World Airport (KOKC)

West Bend Muni (KETB)

We appreciate everyone’s work and we hope to see you all enjoying some new Midwest airports!


Only thing I am going to say is that OKC is not in the midwest but in the south.

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I know that, I am still adding airports to the list that are very close to the Midwest and contribute to it.

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Haha I knew it!

A few weeks ago I flew out of there and for some reason it was fully staffed with IFATC including KC Center, and DeerCrusher and a bunch of pilots with [IFATC] or [IFAET] in their screen names were flying through there. But I was confused when the Project Midwest thread had no mention of KSTL.

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The editor of KSTL preferred that STL wouldn’t be announced until release.


Well it is a pleasant surprise. Thank you to everyone involved in making it happen.

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When asked about making public that KSTL was done and ready for release, I requested it to remain private until the day it’s published. Despite being allowed to share with the public our work, I still generally prefer to keep my airports private, so it can be a surprise when the airport is released.


Yess with the delta in the back too, good work

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so happy to see FWA coming to 3D!! ever since 3D airports were announced i always thought it’d be so cool to get my home airport in 3D but i never thought it would happen. very cool to see it actually happening and i’m so excited to see the finished project once it comes