Project Midwest

Dang, would have looked sick!

The JetBridge is in the photo, I am not focusing on the Sun country plane. Lol


Although, the sun country plane is cool as well!

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So amazing Zachary! Once it is completed, I can do my Delta A330 flight from HNL to MSP, since I flew that in real life last year, and want to replicate it.

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Thanks for the kind words and support, Joseph! Stay tuned for a Minneapolis topic featuring work in progress shots.

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I can not wait to see more amazing shots! Good luck!

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For those who wish to keep tabs on KDTW


I have a very exciting announcement for Project Midwest! Grand Rapids (KGRR) is starting to be worked on by @A320_Flyerboy19! I really look forward to this airport, and we all appreciate you contributing to this project!


Thank you so much!

I look forward to starting the 2D process tomorrow!

Follow my tracking thread for updates on KGRR!

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Sign me up, lol

KFWA - Fort Wayne International is all ready for a future release This does not mean this will come in 22.6. The gates, hangars, stands, and runways are ready for Allegiant, Delta, FedEx, Skywest, UPS and A-10 Warthogs!

Gates 9 & 10 aren’t quite done with construction IRL so they’ll come in a future iteration once Josh gets some fresh images. Special thanks to @DeerCrusher and @JoshFly8 for helping get this one across the finish line.



Ok so sun country is using D25 At DTW. That’s good to know I have Ben trying to figure it out for a long time so thanks RyMan for unintentionally answering a question I had. You would think being my home airport I would know but sun county isn’t there very often

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This looks like an awesome project I’m excited for all these airports to release. In addition I’d like to offer my insight I work at MKE airport and would love to give a insight into where airplanes will typically park and how the gates are laid out etc if y’all decide to add it to your project I’m more than happy to offer my insight and assistance with lines on the ground and everything.

KGRR Update

I’ve deleted all the pavement, building outlines, and taxi lines! Started to add taxi lines back by RWY 17/35. Expect a progress picture within the next couple of days!

For official updates and constant news, follow my airport tracking thread!


Gotta be honest, where is KIND?


KIND is currently not being worked on.

One I hope to do one day

KGRR Update

Slowly making progress, I started to do a large glass window in the terminal! I talked to @Deltadev13 about the giant glass swoop and how that could come together. Estimating that 2D is 25-30% done.


Somewhere in the future I’ll definitely be working on it once maybe my 4th airport. I’m on my second rn.

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Been waiting on this one for a while! ORD is #1!