Project Midwest

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Hello IF users! I am happy to announce the creation of Project Midwest. This thread is dedicated to keeping track of airports being worked on to implement updated 2D and new 3D for the Midwest region. The Midwest is very underrated with not enough 3D airports, so we are going to change that. Our goal in this project currently is to have every commercial airport eventually done. Both major airports and regional airports. And of course, some GA airports are being worked on as well. We look forward to sharing our progress with bringing the Midwest to life!

Current Midwest Airports (Both Released and WIP)

Airport Name ICAO Editors Status
Chicago Midway International KMDW @Zuhair.Mazhar Released
Chicago Meigs KCGX @tomthetank Released
Wittman Regional Airport KOSH @Balloonchaser Released
Ruhe’s R47 @Z-Tube Released
Will Rogers World Airport KOKC @Asneed8706 Released
St. Louis Lambert International KSTL @brunocr98 Released
West Bend Muni KETB @AviationReports Released
Lexington Blue Grass KLEX @Levet Ready For Release
Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional KDIK @karl_iszler Ready For Release
Eppley Airfield KOMA @DeerCrusher Ready for Release
Chicago O’hare International KORD @AviatorDan @Levet Work In Progress
Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport KMSP @Zachary_Naponic Work In Progress
Bismarck Muni KBIS @Saharsh Work In Progress
Fort Wayne International KFWA @Levet @JoshFly8 Work In Progress
South Bend Regional KSBN @Sam_S Work In Progress
Scott Afb/Midamerica St. Louis Airport KBLV @AviationReports Work In Progress
St.Cloud Regional KSTC @RickG Work In Progress
Airlake Airport KLVN @Aceorbit Work In Progress
Delaware Municipal KDLZ @ButterAllDay Work In Progress
Hector International KFAR @karl_iszler Work In Progress
Detroit Metro International Airport KDTW @Sami_Fajita_Air Work In Progress
Rochester International KRST @ButterAllDay Work In Progress
Gerald R Ford International KGRR @A320_Flyerboy19 Work In Progress

I have gotten permission from the editors to share these airports that are ready for release and works in progress. Please remember that even if an airport is ready for release does not guarantee it to come to the next update. Airport Mods and Staff pick the airports to go to the updates and when they think it should go.

Airport Requests

At this time we are not taking requests for Project Midwest. We will continue to make the airports that we choose. But do not worry, there is a lot in the works to make you all happy!


Honestly can’t wait for Chicago, looking forward to this!


Wow this looks awesome can’t wait


Thank you both! I can’t wait to start with an airport whenever my current airport is done.

Wow! That looks like a lot of work. Especially Chicago. Really looking forward to O’Hare!


Cannot wait for ORD, finally able to enjoy my hometown airport with some nice 3d buildings!


Excited for Minneapolis


cant wait for ohare

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Same here! :)

Hey there, Andrew_Calvin!

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Can’t wait for O’Hare! It’s finally getting the love it deserves

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Cool there, Michigan_Aviation!

Fort Wayne’s going to be lit. It’s even bigger than ORD. Truly the most beautiful, amazing airport out there.


Yes Minneapolis is being worked on!! I am excited to see how it’ll look when released!


Woah. I did not know that!

Another Midwest Airport is starting!

I will be working on a decent-sized GA airport, Delaware Municipal (KDLZ) located in Ohio. I’m looking forward to doing this and adding to Project Midwest.


Beginning of MSP’s C concourse


Looks amazing Zach!

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Lexington Blue Grass is in Kentucky. Kentucky is considered southern state not midwest

Check the map and see if fort wayne is bigger than ohare.
Ohare airport 7,627 acres and has 8 runways
Fort Wayne is 3,351 acres and has 4 runways