Project Mexico "Updated"


Looks like we’ve got HQ terrain now 😉

El Futuro de México

Here you have the list of airports already done in Mexico:


Yes! I’m actually so excited 😂🎉


Hello, Lalo, Bruno and all, Lalo kind of knows me. What you re doing seems awesome! But may I ask, what exactly are you doing? If I understood you are detailing the Airports in Mexico or at least Important ones, then you are sending that to infinite flight? Or what? Also, What app are you using, if I saw correctly MSPaint seems to be the app that you are using but I am not sure.

Anyways is it possible that you add some airfields too? The only one that I really care about is an airstrip next to Tequesquitengo, as the airstrip is next to the road, and when I go there I always go spotting for the Cessna Caravan that takes people skydiving and lands every 15 min. The airfield has no name I think. Is it possible that you add this airfield, (Hopefully, the name thing does not affect this) but if someone can add it would be the thing I would get most excited about (After flying in Mexican airspace of course)

Here is the info I know about it:
Name: SkydiveMexico - Paracaidismo Tequesquitengo or “Cosmos Ultralight” or "Polideprtivo?"
Airfield Name: ?
Runways: 2
Runway 1 Do not know name nor angle.
Length: 0.798 km x 0.007 km (7 meters) 2588.5 feet x 23 feet
Runway 2: : Runway 02
Lenght: 0.365 km x 0.01 Km (10 Meters) 1197 feet x 32 feet
2 round taxiways, and another taxiway parallel to runway 02.

11 AM
17 AM

49 AM
55 AM


There are some conditions when adding new airports:

  • If the airport/airfield has a valid ICAO code, then we can add it. If not, the airport cannot be added.

  • Airfields with a FAA LID are the only exception, since we have many of those in our database.

  • We cannot make up random codes, because it can cause troubles in a near future.

Hope this helps.

Airport Editor Supervisor


I can’t quite tell if this is in Mexico, if so does anyone have any idea where it is? Maybe north east Yucatán peninsula?


Every airport listed by Lalo has been submitted to Infnite flight and will most likely be available for global (excluding those under construction).


Also Lalo im currently starting to rework Guaymas airport (MMGM) so you can add it to the spreadsheet


Getting back to work soon, meanwhile I’ll leave this here 😉



I’m going to be reworking all the airports in Mexico to change some runway markings and add some detail, expect some changes soon!


Hi, I know another airport of Mexico City but it’s going to be a new one they are going to finish in 2023 a think. But you can search in YouTube the new airport of Mexico City or El nuevo aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México


I don’t really understand your point, I’m planning on doing it when it’s finished, but now I’m waiting for it. Also you can see it with the help of the satelital imagery when taking off from MMMX


Bringing this up! More airports redone and fixed runway markings coming soon!


this is the image of were it’s going to be the new airport


the airport its supposed to be like 8 km nortwhest just beside “valle de aragon”


Not yet finished, no base imagery, not precise clue on how it will be and will be included in IF as soon as it is already finished and in service


What do you guys think about adding MMAN? I currently work here and I can tell this airport has a lot of traffic, in fact I believe this is the biggest GA-only airport in Mexico.

Would fit perfectly with the new TBM!


Thanks for telling, I’ll try to reach it soon :)


Wow! You made a great job in my beautiful country! I would like to suggest you to create the new airport in Mexico City in Texcoco, it is beautiful with lots of gates, 5 km runways and more!


Nice work, in MMPS when ends the runway