Project Mexico "Updated"


Beautiful! 😍 Thanks for the help!🎊🎉


Which airport of the already done ones would you like to see guys?


Latest addition to Mexico:
MMBT-HUX - Huatulco


We have a great progress in Mexico


MMMX is being reworked!
Adding service roads, spawns and much more detail!


What about Tijiuana airport?


What do you mean? It was totally renovated by Bruno like about 3 weeks ago


Unless you didn’t notice, I renovated the airport.


I Totally Renovated MMMX


Looks great! Looking forward to fly to there from Panama, buen trabajo!


I will definitely be flying there, simulating Aeromexico 008!


New Airports!!! Can you guess which ones?


Someone should start getting a head start on the new AICM :D… prob not me i take too long to finish airports


I am, i have the imagery of the runways and the building, I haven’t created and issue yet because the airport is still not operative, so don’t worry, I’m taking over it 😉


Can someone please add that in for a laugh?


No ICAO, FAA iden = no chance of getting added. Sorry


As Dush said it cannot be added if it doesn’t have and ICAO code, Mexico hasn’t decided code yet for the airport.
I’m doing it, but I’m not allowed to show the progress because I’m using a special satelital imagery that a friend that works on the construction is proving to me, so don’t expect it soon 🙂


I hope Mexico gets higher quality imagery fairly soon after the update


We’re hoping the same 🙂 only time will tell


I’m going to get an updated list of every airport that has been done in Mexico.
Also, we are working hard to get all the fixes that exist IRL into the Mexican Airspace.