Project metal

hi! It’s been a long time since IF started this project, so I want to know how the project is progressing! Features currently under long-term development, etc.


I’ll link my previous response:

Tbh I’m dying for the release of the graphic update and that’s why I search and compile things mentioned by staff. It should be “imminent” (by staff) but we’ll still have to wait. Hopefully we can have a preview soon that wows all of us!
I have a feeling this would be one of, if not the most phenomenal update since global.


Thank you so much for your reply. Honestly, I think it’s time for a graphics update!

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If also like to mention along side what @FlightGT said. Project Metal is more than one update. You won’t see it all at once instead in pieces. A lot of it also happens within the code base to prepare the app for more complicated tasks and rendering. The new graphics engine will be one of the next updates visible to the public.

Current Project Metals additions include: 3D Airports, Basic Clouds, Taxiway Lighting.


When Are the clouds Coming only question!

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When the new engine arrives I assume. It’ll probably arrive in like 3-5 months


My guess is early to mid 2025

From where Are you know that ?

Most likely update 25.1

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Im just guessing but I could be totally off by a whole year

That as well, if it’s not as finished as i expected


Did the project metal update the scenery?
Like add city or other stuff?


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