Project metal

Hey ifc, I understand that if have just released 20.1 and honestly, now that the bugs are fixed they should put their feet up until covid goes away, but I was wondering because they announced project metal back in January (I think), is that not to far away as well?

It’s planned to be done sometime in 2021 I believe

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Fair enough, as I said I’m not expecting it anytime soon considering they’ve just release 20,1

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Plus with covid, it will make it a lot harder to develop

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Project metal is a big one! And It will take some time to this get in our hands, we don’t have a lot of information of all this.

Only thing we do is wait to see what devs are going to give us! đź‘€

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Not expecting it anytime soon as I said because they’ve only just released 20.1 and with covid it will make it harder to develop quicker.

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ummm… Who said that? :/

Theres still a few bugs that they need to squash before hand. Very kind of you though. As soon as they fix everything for this update → onto next update preparations they go :)

COVID-19 has nothing to do with how quickly or efficient our Development Team works. That’s the great thing about having a “working remotely” team. Everyone can work from the safety and comfort of their own homes


That’s ok then, but you guys shouldn’t rush this considering you’ve just released 20.1 you should relax for a while

Vulkan and project metal is going to be a big one, and I expect it’s going to take quite a while… if I recall correctly, an absolute tonne of the sims coding needs to be rewritten to work in the new rendering engine, not to mention the fact that some textures and features that have been built to work with OpenGL ES will need to be redone and checked… Then the testing will take its amount of time…

It will be a while most likely, but I personally feel it will be the best and most productive update released for the simulator since global first launched. If it’s going to be done, the team are going to want to do it right. You can’t release something like that rushed and unfinished, so for people that expect it to be ready in a few weeks… haha, good luck.

If… other desktop games and sims that will remain unnamed… are anything to go by, the performance increase could be phenomenal. Imagine it like a set of traffic lights on street where OpenGL gives you a mix of red and green lights all the way (Stutter and Lag) and Vulkan gives you a couple of red lights at the very start, then green lights all the way (Slightly longer loading but smooth gameplay).


notice how i said “i believe” indicating that i believe i have heard it somewhere or seen it somewhere :)


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