Project Metal

I swear after this im only gonna fly at night time lol


Remember we won’t see changes at first 🙂 lights, buildings and clouds will be added after project metal is completed


Can anybody explain mein short what project metal is all about.

The article that was linked in the original post sums up everything 🙂


I have a question 🤔

  • Once Project Metal is finished, will dynamic lights, improved aircraft shading, real time shadows, volumetric clouds, whichever comes first, appear on iOS devices initially? Since the graphics engine can do more?

  • Or will you guys do, presumably “Project Vulkan” first before implementing the features mentioned?

I don’t think anyone asked this, after reading the 306 replies.


Yes all of the above , we just don’t know when they’ll implement all the specific features

Project Vulcan is the android version of project Metal I Think that project Vulcan will come before project Metal and will follow in its footsteps.

Answering the first question, Philippe was already playing with new lighting in April, can’t wait to see how does it look now


Is this for infinite flight? Or anther game. Because if that is for IF it will be amazong

This is the Infinite Flight Community, so it’s for Infinite Flight, of course.

Think that it is not for any game at all, it is a model for testing basic code for lighting. Nothing that will be anywhere in productive except for code testing.
In development you often use those unspecific case models to develop pieces of code, it helps to focus on one topic instead of having a whole scenario. In that case it is about volumetric light. Something that comes in everywhere in game when it gets integrated. Before integrating the model makes sure that the lighting code itself is running well, leaving all issues to the integration. Without this pre step you have to many positions where your code could be wrong.

Conclusion, it is for lighting in IF, but nothing like the shown scene will be in IF, neither will all the showcased effects been in IF.

comment based on outside IF experienc


I have an iPhone 8, lately, I’ve had to turn down graphics to save my framerate especially while flying the newer or revamped aircraft. Will project metal make it so I can turn my graphics back up and still play with nice frame rate, or will I still have to stick to mediocre graphics?

Project metal is optimization, so you should have better preformance/

When did project started and how long iI it ganna take until it’s finisched?

I believe it started in January but there’s no set date for Project Metal’s completion at the moment.

Grrr! Wished it was here by now! It’s been nearly a year since if introduced the development news!

“Patience is a virtue”

I really don’t mind the long wait, it makes me even more confident the wait will be worth it!


Kinda hard to be patient tbh lol, but you would have to say that their updating process takes now about 6 months which is kinda not good enough considering that they got to fix a lot of things. There should be at least be 4 updates per year! But anyway yeah looking forward to project metal!


Updates take a long time. Infinite Flight is committed to bringing the best products to its consumers, it has since day 1. Project metal is a huge undertaking. Compare it to all the school you have done up until now. Now pretend like you need to translate everything you have learned into a different language, that is essentially what is happening here, everything that the app is built off of has to be translated into a new software for this expansive project. The wait will be worth it, it is awesome that Infinite Flight even shared with us the fact that they are adding this in the first place!


I think this depends how you look at updates… there were 4 in 2019, yet it took half the year to get our first update of 2020. That one included new IFR procedures, the 772, center, and more. You could argue that update alone was bigger than 19.1 and 19.2, and maybe even 19.3, put together.

I think it’s better to looker the quality and volume of each update, rather than the number of updates themselves.


I agree. Quality is better than Quantity.