Project Metal

Are you guys going to update the blog because still says you guys are working on the B777-200 ER rework :)

The latest blog on is a full and official announcement of the 20.1 update. It is also pinned at the top of the #blog category.


Cool I’ll check it out the reason I said that is because I thought they were going to stick with the same blog but I guess there’s another one .


If there’s a new announcement or anything of the sort it will be announced separately and will have an independent topic for it. If you have any further questions feel free to privately shoot me a message so we don’t clog and get more off topic on the main idea of this post. :)


Will this improve android as well, and when will android switch to Vulkan?

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Android will use Vulkan.

This must be one of the biggest projects of 2020.
Can’t wait for this update to be finished 🤗
Keep up the great work, devs!

If possible could the devs give us a little update on how project metal is going? Maybe about how it is coming along or if there are any difficulties or setbacks so far?


I agree. We have had no mention on the progress of project metal since it’s announcement. Right now there isn’t much of a future for IF other than the 777 rework so it would be nice to know how development is coming along for project metal.


Yeah, everything seems to have gone quiet since 20.1. No mention of clouds, or anything beyond the brief 773 update.

Well, they posted a photo of the process of designing the B777-300 on their Instagram! And we don’t know when the clouds are coming out.


You can be sure that the developers are always working, no matter where and when. They are working hard on the next aircraft and we can only wait and see how the developers surprise us.

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They Altso needs a vacation after so intense work to 20.1

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I’m like 50 percent sure that this will come in the next major update… if not it will surely come out before the year ends!

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Yes! The update for the B777-300 rework is scheduled to come out later this year.


In the next update 🙃

A little bump on this thread due to other people asking abput project metal :)

That has explained it really well, thanks

For anyone asking about the development progress of vulkan/ metal, please don’t speculate release dates. (Just to stop all you keyboard warriors, I’m not accusing anyone)
This isn’t as simple as changing a few textures, it’s a full change of Graphics API and its underlying framework which can and does take a long time to complete and finish.

For comparison sake, the desktop version of xplane vulkan was announced early 2019 (correction July 2018) and it took more than 5 months for a somewhat stable build to be released, fast forward another year and it still isn’t completely finished. Now I’m not entirely sure how many people are dedicated to Vulkan at IF secret headquarters, so I’m not even going to guess how long it will take to even get it running, let alone the length of testing that will need to be done for it. It’s also been mentioned a few times that features like volumetric clouds and dynamic lighting may not come straight away but at a later date than vulkan.

Now I get the announcement was made 7 months ago, but we don’t know how far (if at all) development was at the time, so best to sit tight until someone makes an official announcement/ update.

Also for anyone still confused, Android will use Vulkan and iOS will use Metal

Thanks for clearing everything up Philippe


Just a few corrections and some new info:

  • Announcement was made early this year but then a few things got in the way that made progress a bit more difficult (long haul crash issue took some time to figure out and 20.1 also had its fair share of issues to address). We are making progress though, just nothing to share at this point.
  • We are focusing on iOS Metal first before we tackle Vulkan. Before that there will probably be an initial release that still uses OpenGL under the hood (but with access to more low level features) so we can make sure that everything works with our new graphics backend.
  • The graphics backend is basically done. The hard part is to integrate it with IF while making sure everything else is still working. Changing a core system of a 10yo app is not easy :)
  • We don’t know when it will be released. We want to be done with this as much as you all do. We can’t wait to be able to unlock new cool graphics features.
  • X-Plane first mentioned their Vulkan stuff in July 2018, and they already had a lot of stuff done at that point. This just shows that this is not a small task and I am sure we will still run into many issues.

Hope this clarifies some things :)