Project Metal

Certainly opens the door for those possibilities. Exciting times. I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing year for development.


Haha. Might have to steel your comment 😂. Thanks for the update IF!


Amazing skill required for this. Glad I’m the on the receiving end of this work, and not doing the work…

Just thinking about all of the time and effort it is going to take to re-code every aspect of IF gives me a major headache. Not to mention all of the possible bugs hidden in the hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

I have a question if any developers read this: Are you guys already fluent in Metal, or do you have to learn the language before you start?

Thanks, and best of luck guys!


This sounds exciting! I hope it does go unnoticed by the average user, and that it will shape how the future of IF is programmed!


Wow that’s cool!


Wow 😳 Tho I hardly understand it, I can tell it’s gonna be a hard work. Good job, IF devs!


Thank you guys for providing the information to us users! It is very cool to know that you are dealing with the problems and requests mentioned on the forum! Good Luck and keep up the awesome work!

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I don’t know you but I read airport lights 🤭


Sounds like a big undertaking! It’s great to see that, unlike many app devs, IF is staying on top of their program and making sure that it’s up to date with the latest technology. This will probably take a while, but it will definitely be worth it in order to stay competitive in a quickly progressing market. Good luck guys!


Very nice!

Good luck team, looking forward to developments as the year progresses.

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This interesting blog post shows the important background work required to get those IF features which will take IF to a whole different level.

Patience is the key here as this background work won’t show up itself for (most of) us. Looking forward to see what will be possible!

Thanks for all your work and the post!

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Really cool! Any timeline or basic estimation as to when new drastic features will be able to be implemented?


Fantastic article.

This is an important line for anyone that keeps moaning about whatever feature they want that isn’t being released/worked on as fast as they desire…

‘This is a pretty complex task that requires a lot of engineering time and won’t result in any immediate visual benefit to the end-user.’


Not at the moment. Watch for the #blog and #announcements though for new updates and developments!


Its very encouraging to see the team move at pace with technology. Hopefully in the near-future, the intensive features e.g airport lighting would become a reality.

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You’re right they might as well just shut down the #features tab at this point


Knock on wood ;) that this works and Infinite Flight becomes better. This opens plenty of doors!

Very interesting read!


Here’s what I read:

Blah blah blah, code API Windows, Clouds

Basically, from what I gathered, the future looks bright for Infinite Flight!

It’s true because it rhymes


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I don’t think it’s just Apple. Industry wide the appetite for more powerful devices is increasing. An S3 or iPhone 5s can’t be compared to an iPhone XR or the Samsung S9, technology moves!

Ps: No problem in regards to the earlier post 😉