Project Metal Questions

Hello fellow pilots!

I just have a few questions about Project Metal:

Will moving water come back to the sim?
Will air bridges connect to the aircraft?
Will we be able to see passengers/people?
How will all of the ground procedures work on older aircraft/ non-reworked aircraft?
Will we have moving cars on the motorway before the runway?
Will the runway have hills and slopes like real life runways? For example Birmingham BHX’s runway is very hilly.
Will project metal have real life weather (rain, snow, thunder etc).
Will the snow pile up on the ground or will it just show that’s it’s snowing?

Thank you for reading!

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Project Metal will not bring new features. It’s only a rework of Infinite Flight’s code.

However, that said, Project Metal may allow for these features to be devolpled, and eventually implemented. This is due to the new structure, which in turn, uses less processing power, saving room for other features.

Furthermore, until there is a FAQ, we will not know what to expect in regards to buildings, ground vehicles, etc. All of that is still up in the air.

If you would like to learn more about Project Metal, feel free to check out the blog post below.


thanks very much

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We have no guarantee of any features that might or might not come with Project Metal. All we know for sure is that it’s going to optimise the simulator for performance a lot better, and that development of some of these features may be possible, as a result of that optimisation.

This is what it’s all about, as the IF staff had said in their blog post:

I’ll quote them directly, from that post:

“There are many features we want to do in Infinite Flight that are very complex to implement with the limited feature set we are stuck with.”

Project Metal essentially is a road for the devs to access the tools they need to build those features.


Thanks a lot!

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Answered. Thanks all!