Project Metal Hopes

2020 Round Up
Since the 2020 round up video was posted with some very, very exciting news and announcement of project metal, I have been thinking about some of the things that I would love too see and what the community would love to see, here’s a list of things that I would love and the community would love;

Project Metal Shortlist

  • 3D Terminal Buildings (Confirmed)
  • 2D Clouds (Confirmed)
  • Ground Vehicles (Confirmed)
  • Working/Moving ground vehicles (Speculated)
  • 3D Clouds (Speculated)
  • Working ground floodlights (Speculated)
  • Moving attachable/detachable Jetways (Speculated)
  • Tire smoke
  • Fully lit up cabins at night for all aircraft
  • Brighter landing, strobe, navigation and beacon lights for night
  • Airport taxi lights
  • Logo/tail lights on aircraft

And many, many more!! Hopefully @infiniteflight sees this!! Make sure to put your suggestions down below! :)


This and nothing is the same

Also please vote for the non confirmed things on their specific #features topics.

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Project Metal won’t bring any features at all. It lays the ground for us to perhaps add certain features without it having too much of an impact on performance.

Furthermore, please utilize #features as that’s the category used for what ever people might want to see :)

We do share you enthusiasm for the upcoming year though!