Project Metal *eye roll*

Firstly; sorry. I know most people are probably done with the subject and the latecomers asking questions, but I just wanted to understand.

As far as I understand, it’s the rebuilding of the game on a newer engine (can’t remember if it’s Unity) which should provide optimisations in many areas to overall improve graphics, performance and most crucially; the ability to develop features that are otherwise impossible or limited on the current engine.

Now we’re seeing 21.1 looking like it’ll have some modelled airports and possibly clouds / fog / particle effects etc, does this mean that this build of the game will be released on the new PM engine? Or is the engine out already? Or is this not on the new engine at all?



Hey @benshikari!

Feel free to head on on over to Jason’s topic about Project Metal. It will entail most things coming with the project.

This next update will be the beginning of Project Metal I believe. Im sure you have seen many of the older aircraft are being retextured to have better performance and looks in the game aswell as buildings.



Hi, project metal is an ongoing project. It wont have a specific ending because there will always be something new to add or change.
Infinite Flight Project Metal | Infinite Flight
you can read the blog for better understanding

In honesty, I don’t think the community is going to be able to provide anymore insight into this other than what has already been posted in the #blog section. I know that originally, Devs/Staff said that some things may be going on in the backend that you won’t really notice. We will have to wait and see.

Take it away @schyllberg ;)


Awesome, thanks for the blog link!

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It’s not a new engine, it’s definitely not Unity.
It’s a rework of the low-level graphics aspects of Infinite Flight. It’s not a one update thing, it’s a ongoing project that will span over several updates with 21.1 containing the first steps of it.


That’s good because when ever I see made with unity, I can almost assume it isn’t going to be great. I know infinite flight wouldn’t change with it, but just saying.

Just to confirm: Project Metal will not change anything on the android side. It’s IOS only right?

It will make changes on the Android side as well. Things like buildings would not be possible otherwise.


Sorry I hadn’t read the blog - totally understand now (as a developer, I also understand fully why you’d be moving away from some of those depreciated stacks).

As they’re API changes, I assume that means some things can be pushed as ready and other things can remain “as is” without a definitive “go live”?

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I may be wrong but I believe there is a similar stack on Android called Vulcan (Metal on iOS) and would get the similar treatment.

So Unity isn’t what makes it bad, I would say the lack of prorgramming experience, as there are many great Games and stuff made with Unity.

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Infinite Flight uses it’s own «game engine» right? I am reffering to the Engine that makes the simulator run

I don’t want to go too deep in this since it’s not my area of expertise and don’t want to say something inaccurate, but:

Pretty much.



Awesome, I won’t hold it against you! ;) thanks for reaching out to explain, really appreciate it!


Unity games aren’t bad, its the programming that’s bad, like as what @Pilot_Dan1 said.
Crossy Road, Temple Run, and Kerbal Space Program are all made with unity.


Exactly that’s what I meant.

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Yeah, that’s what I mean by Infinite Flight staying the same no matter what.

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With project metal will we be able to see planes from farther away and will they stop disappearing ?


For something that is supposed to improve frame rate and graphics, it kinda did neither 😂

Yeah planes are shinier and there’s clouds n stuff, but my iPad (which used to run amazingly back in 20.3) now struggles with 15fps. And the app crashes repeatedly.