Project Memphis | The Rise of the Sacred Cargo Hub

Will a custom tower release with the initial update?

Given how basic and boring it is, I highly doubt that the developers would put it into consideration for a custom 3D model. I’ll try my best to get it close though. ;)

I think it’s a matter of taste. Does not look that boring, I actually think it’s somewhat near coupled with the second tower. I wish you luck in your endeavors of making it accurate.

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For sure, I worded that poorly. To rephrase it more what I actually meant, the tower has a design in which I can model it pretty closely in the editor with poly buildings, it just won’t have a sloped/smooth look to it. Because of the fact that the modeling would literally just be a mater of sloped designing, the devs would likely not take it on. Regardless, I do thank you a bunch for the best wishes, I’ll need a lot of those, lol.

Red = Editor Capability (would look similar to VMMC’s tower)
Blue = Sloped Dev Capabillity


If I am allowed to ask, what application do you use for sketching poly buildings as an editor? Would it be something similar to what I used in my Engineering classes like CATIA and/or Solidworks? Also, what do you mean by the Editor Capability being different than the Sloped Dev Capability, different applications? I am kind of interested in how polygon renderings work for these simulators.

It’s quite simple actually, everything is done in Infinite Flight via the scenery editor that Laura and the other devs created.

As you see in the building below (another EWR sneak peek), there are individual nodes you place to shape the building. Then there’s a long list of facades to choose for the appearance of the building.

For the sloping capabilities - that can simply not be done in the editor currently. Roofs can only be flat. Anything sloped (TBIT at LAX and custom towers) is created by developers, probably in some different application.


Ha ha ha! I know. 😀 It’s because the name comes from its beginning, the airline was established in Michigan and flew in that area around Minnesota and out of Minneapolis, which are in the Northwest Territories of the U.S., hence the name, Northwest.

I really wish I could know what the dev’s use for scenery development. I hope they keep updating the capabilities of the in app editor to allow for slopes through an easier user friendly process.

:O a Tennessee airport. I LOVE IT.


Just seeing this WIP!!! Very nice!!


The entire VA now knows of this.

this does put a smile on my face… all I fly is Fedex! Kudos and hope it goes well.


Yep! Its gonna bring a lot more cargo to the sim! And thats what we need rn!


Any news on Memphis @Shane?

Not as of lately. Last upload was regarding some prototypes of the FedEx terminal and I really like the way it’s starting to shape up. Expect slower progress moving forward, school reasons.

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