Project LFPG

Today I just started a rebuild of LFPG - watch this space!


Nice. British Airways has its terminal on LFPG T2, which are the upper semi-circles at the left.

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Finally! Thank god

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Great job Kilt ! Your my man when it comes to these types of jobs !
Here´s a guide for LFPG´s airline terminals if you need it.

8 hours later - time to call it a night!


Nice work, Kilt!

That’s it kilt, you’re officially bæ 😄 (Sorry @Carson, looks like you’re bæ number 2 now 😐)


But I fixed your grammar😄


Mind adding those heavy/Small gates likr those in Orly? That helps a lot!

Fixed your Grandma???

You mean adding the text? I am trying to standardize gate names where I can. I have been using a web site to give a more graphic view e.g.

Maybe I can work with Cameron to tie this into LiveFlight

Let me know how I can improve the web site. Adding specifics to gate names might cause future expansions - you just never know - one day this app just might have a global look and feel.


Thanks Klit, it can helps us know gates more. You know, it feels strange when your wing just chipped inside someone elses ;)

I have slowly been updating my web site to try and give you some of the things being asked. One reason why I started LFPG is it is one of the last A380 airports to get fully fleshed out. I am marking up on these maps which gates are currently A380 capable. If I make any mistakes please let me know so I can fix. These files are archived in MS Powerpoint format and can be made available if someone wants to mark them up differently.

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You’re right Carson, no one can replace you. @Kilt_McHaggis, I hope that the position of being bæ number 2 is high enough for you 😊

I have no desire for position. I am merely just trying to help others.


Yehaaa. Great work. Amazing how you transform it.

That’s the spirit Klit! You and Ryan are one of the largest background helpers for IF and you guys never ask or dream for positions

Wasn’t Axel doing this?