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This thread is dedicated to airports in Korean Peninsula (includes North Korea) that are currently being worked on for implementation into Infinite Flight including reworking 2D as well as creating 3D airport masterpieces. The goal of Project Korea is to eventually have the major airports in Korea reworked and updated in-app for Infinite Flight users to enjoy.

World-Busiest Route

Korea has the busiest route in the world, and another 2 routes in top 20.

By Number of Passengers (2021)

Rank Airport 1 Airport 2
🥇 Seoul Gimpo Jeju
9 Seoul Gimpo Gimhae
16 Jeju Gimhae

By Aircraft Movements (2021)

Rank Airport 1 Airport 2
🥇 Seoul Gimpo Jeju
🥈 Seoul Gimpo Gimhae
12 Jeju Gimhae

We will be delighted to provide 3D airport masterpieces in these routes, as well as other airports in Korea.

Project Korea Airports

ICAO Airport Name Airport Editor Status
RKSI Incheon @Alexorlov @Balloonchaser @DeerCrusher @NJ24 @FlightGT @Ecoops123 Updated in 23.3
RKSS Seoul Gimpo @Suungx2 In Progress
RKPC Jeju @Aiden_Forusz @BAK_UOV Released in 24.2
RKPK Gimhae @BAK_UOV Released in 23.3
ZKPY Pyongyang @Aiden_Forusz Released in 23.1
RKJB Muan @Suungx2 Released in 23.2
RKNY Yangyang @Parker-Jin @Suungx2 Released in 23.1
RKPU Ulsan @BAK_UOV Released in 23.2
RKJY Yeosu @BAK_UOV Released in 23.3
ZKWS Kalma
RKTL Uljin @BAK_UOV Released in 23.1
RKPD Jeongseok @BAK_UOV @Suungx2 Released in 23.1
RKTU Cheongju @BAK_UOV In Progress
RKJJ Gwangju @Parker-Jin In Progress

Please note that even though an airport is listed as ready for release there is no set date on when an individual airport will be released.

Since there is no activity requirements for editors, building time can vary a lot.


You seem to be missing Cheongju (RKTU) and Daegu (RKTN) from your list.

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I deliberately missed some military/military shared airports because I don’t know how I would be by Korean law. In future it might be included in this list.


That’s great!

I hope to see more South Korean 3D airports on the infinite flight soon.

In addition: If possible, I hope to add the fourth runway 16R/34L of Incheon Airport to the infinite flight. In reality, this runway has been officially opened.


Ah understood, no worries, probably a good idea actually!

Unfortunately even though it is open, there is not any satellite imagery for it, this is the same with the new runways in Dublin and Hong Kong. They are open and active but the imagery is not really there or good enough yet.

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Amazing thread! Great job :)


I think you should add the North Korean flag 🇰🇵 as well in the header of your post, because it’s Korea.


I’ve sent you a message about the ongoing progress :)

Muan airport (RKJB) is in progress!


Not to be offensive but just to let you know, it might be easy to think South Korea and North Korea shares the same peninsula, but this isn’t true. South Korea (Republic of Korea) does not acknowledge North Korea (DPRK) as a nation, since the war have never been finished - remaining armistice. This means the word “because it’s Korea” might be a little unappropriate, and actually kind of feels uncomfortable to me since I’m half Korean. What I suggest is, if anybody wants North Korea to have equal attention on airport development, I think we should just make a seperate thread! So I’d really appreciate the removal of the North Korean flag. Honestly I could just move thru but this is a very sensitive matter to Korean people so I had to say this even though this might go off topic. Sorry for the sudden seriousness, I also hope to see Korea full of 3D airports in the future!


please show picture of pyongyang in 3d

Dear Sir,

North Korean airports would be good to have on game in 3d. However I don’t think that you should get political and ask for the removal of the DPRK’s flag. You should see this as a unified event. They are both sovereign nations.


Yes you’ve got a point, but this isn’t about politics. We’re talking about regions. Since these two countries are regulated as a different country / region, we shouldn’t put them in a same thread. I definitely will support if there will be a seperate North Korean thread, but I still think this isn’t appropriate. This is actually a sensitive matter to both South and North Korean people, even excluding all political considerations. Additionally, if people who manages this thread or support this thread truly wants these two countries in a same thread, the thread should be named as ‘Project Korean peninsula’ because we call the peninsula which Korea DPR and Republic of Korea is located, the Korean peninsula. People who aren’t involved or related to Korea might think this is just political stuff or overaction, but this is really important to the Korean community which is one of the minorities active in the IFC.


Happy day!! 4 airports are released today in 23.1.


In case some of you missed it: Incheon Intl, a legacy airport released in 21.2, had a small update to bring it closer to modern standards. The layering and height of terminals are corrected, giving it a more realistic appearance. Conflicting GSEs are also removed.

Note that the new runway can’t be added without breaking ILS, so it will be postponed until we can modify navigation data.


Do you plan want to rework this legacy airport in the future? I see some legacy airport from 21.1 begins to receive a rework now like JFK, SFO, LAX & Changi Singapore (in development)

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As you might know my main focus is in Project China, so I don’t have the time required to commit into a full rework for this.
This one definitely needs a rework though!


There is a good app in S.Korea called Kakao map

This app has much better satellite image resolution than google map

It will help you to make 3D airports


IFAET has a specific system that we are recommended to use to get satellite imagery that can work with the sim. If it is not offered on there, then sadly we can not use it.

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