Project Kansas

I present to you Kansas. The sunflower or corn state as known across the U.S. Famous for it’s sprawling fields and farms. It has 100 public airports, and 237 private airfields.

Why this state?

Infinite flight has many GA and regional aviation lovers in need of high quality airports. Only major/ medium hubs are edited usually, leaving out small airfields in need of some love. Regional airports in the state are also in need of attention, like KGCK and KSLN.

When will it be done?

Likely around early-mid 2021, all airports will have been reviewed and edited. Although this will depend as other airports across the world also need some attention and other editors may want to pitch in.

What can I expect to be edited?

All airports with a ICAO code will be edited and reviewed. Airports that have names like 3AU or 0H1 may not be edited as most have only a runway and some grass to park on.

Airport Highlights

These are the airports to look forward to the most and will have the highest quality.
Salina Municipal:

The airport was initially constructed as an air force base in 1942. The airport was the takeoff and landing point for the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, in the first nonstop, non-refueled solo circumnavigation of the earth! The airport still plays host to the Air Force and now United Express. It host’s multiple FBO’s and areas for GA parking.
Status: To be reworked from scratch.

Garden City Regional:

Like many other airports in the state. This was used as a training airfield in WW2. It’s was vacated by the Air Force in Nov. 1945. It now has American Eagle Flights to Dallas and support facilities for GA.
Status: To be reworked from scratch.

Airport’s reworked:

Airport’s in the next push:


If you want to see a certain airport reworked. Help out by joining the IFAET at
(Infinite Flight Airport Editing)
I am the only one doing this at the moment. If you are already in IFAET contact my slack and we can collaborate.
I will be doing other airports outside of Kansas outside of the project, so this is not the entire focus. I will update this weekly in a comment to let you know of the status of the project.
Have a good day!
Update: The reason this is closed right now is because I don’t qualify for doing a project right now. Airports will be worked on in the background. Have a good day.


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