Project Kansas City! KMCI IS IN PROGRESS!

Makes sense. Hopefully I can go soon so this amazing airport can be done😁

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What does "2d layout’ mean??

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Hey Matt, long time no see here!

2d layout means the taxiway lines, pavements, taxiway network, etc. For more, you can see the IFAET user guide. See section 5, starting on pavements, all the way to section 7 regarding start locations.

That is Apple maps

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Can’t you just cross-reference the current Bing maps data & a taxiway chart from Navigraph?

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We can’t. We need the imagery to make the airport.

Would this help??
I got it from Maps

That is the imagery I currently have. Ecoops123 has provided me with new imagery. I still have to see if it will work.

To help gain an understanding with how airports are accurately built into Infinite Flight, I’ve added a demonstration below.

We don’t cross-reference from a map source indirectly to the in-app airport, as this would create inaccuracies that are not accurate to real-life placement. (such as lines and pavements being off, meaning that a whole area would become inaccurately placed and would all be incorrect). We need to use imagery that can be imported into the app, that has the co-ordinates of the image into a single file.

To give more context, the image needs to have certain properties (being a .JPG file) to allow it to be properly placed within the editor. In addition, the image needs to have a seperate KML file attached to it with the exact real-world co-ordinates of the image for it to be accurately placed. If we tried to put a screenshot into the editor, it wouldn’t know where to place the image, and at what scale, therefore needing exact coordinates to accurately place the image. This probably makes no sense to most people, but that’s partially the point. :)

When putting the JPG and KML file together in a zipped file, you then have the imagery file that can be
imported in-app.

The KML file probably is confusing too. It looks like this.


Long story short, the end result comes to this. It’s accurately shown in the map, and allows editors to accurately place everything down to the detail. A320_Flyerboy19 gave permission for using KMCI as the reference.

A little extra context for all of the above - Whilst I could add the screenshots that were sent here from a phone, I have no clue of what the exact coordinates are, meaning that the image will serve literally no purpose. For example, using one of the images that was sent above… works perfectly…? (it is also missing all the gate markings we need, as the imagery is outdated).

To put the wall of text to an end, the imagery sources we use are very specific, because we have very specific requirements on how they can be formatted, and put into the app at the correct size, location and orientation. We also need them to be at a quality where we can see everything on a larger scale, meaning screenshots won’t cover a whole airport in detail even if it was possible to get the needed information to show it in-app. Feel free to use this post when others question about using alternative imagery sources, I’m sure it’ll frazzle their minds too. :p


Long story short, airports take so much time because we want the imagery to be perfect.

Another reason KMCI has not been resumed or was started all the way through was that I did not have the proper images and 2d layout to build too!

Please let me build the way I build an airport and enjoy my WIP photos. Do not become a mini-editor, please!

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Wouldn’t a simple way to solve the coordinates issue be to simply go to Google Maps, or any other website with satellite map data, and just right-click on the corners of every building?

For example, here’s every coordinate that would in theory be needed to align the map with the West-portion of the concourse:

Simple answer - No, that’s impossible to do for every single object, and a huge inefficient use of time in comparison to just having the imagery. The only way to implement parts of an airport into the app is by using the imagery method as described above. This is set by reviewing standards for release.

Let’s remain on-topic from here onwards in respect to the editor’s airport thread. Any queries, please do message me. :)

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Any update on the airport?

2D progress will resume shortly next month or so. I have a few other larger class B and C airports in my pocket that I have started that I need to get some work done. Main focus right now for me is to get KCRW completed so I can focus attention to the other class B airports.

I expect the imagery for KMCI for 3D to not be updated for a while.

Tracking threads of the hidden class B & C airports will be posted soon, if you’d like to follow my other projects.


Google maps and earth have been updated! KMCI is now accurate!


Thanks, Ethan already gave me imagery a while back that is updated. I’ll update the 2d and push it separate and then wait for 3D imagery to be updated on google earth to create the 3D portion of KMCI.


2D Has resumed around the new terminal.

You can expect an updated 2D layout before 3D.


Any wip or updates?

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I’m pushing to get KCRW into OR before I get going on the next 3. I expect to have an update posed here by the end of this week.

Can’t wait for this to get released! I’ve been wanting the KMCI airport to have 3D buildings especially with the new terminal

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