Project Kahoot - Community Input

Infinite Flight Kahoot Project - Community Input

Recently I’ve been working on a project, of which nobody has heard of until now (excluding a select few). My goal on the community is to bring everyone together, and so project Kahoot was born.

Project Kahoot is something that I’ve been thinking about and planning for months. It would consist of 61 questions, regarding everything from community statistics, Infinite Flight knowledge, Infinite Flights social media, Staff statistics + knowledge, and more. The winner would be crowned the King of Infinite Flights first ever Ultimate Kahoot.

Questions will consist of:
30 Infinite Flight Questions
10 Secret questions (Related to the topic)
5 Community Statistic Questions
5 IF Social Media Questions
10 Virtual Airline Questions
1 Feedback question

More will be revealed once everything is prepared.

Community Involvement

As this task is quite large and time consuming (especially when you have to come up with 3 false answers for each question), I’d like to get the community involved in its development. I’ve already come up with a large sum of questions, but need more, and am willing to switch current ones if better ones come up.

For your chance to be featured in this Kahoot project, I ask anyone to put any questions you think should be added to this Kahoot down below. You never know!

Question Criteria

  • Must be unique, and challenging. We want everyone to have a fair chance!
  • Must fit in with the topic of Infinite Flight, it’s VA’s, external apps, IF’s social media, Community statistics, or something you think should be included!
  • You Must Not include the answer to your response below. Please DM me it, so that it isn’t public.

Sounds like an awesome project!


I hope so! Hopefully everyone else thinks the same thing! :)


This sounds very interesting! I’m looking forward to it! :D

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Name all of the staff working for Infinite Flight…


This looks fun ;)

What is the fourth airline in the list of liveries of the Boeing 777-200LR (in Infinite Flight)?

How many people are members of the IFVARB?

How many Community members joined the Infinite Flight Community In 2018?

How many categories (including sub-categories) are there in the Infinite Flight Community?

How many social media platforms does Infinite Flight have an account in?

What is Infinite Flight’s Social Media account with the most subscribers/followers?

How many Virtual Airlines formed in 2016?

How many Virtual Airlines have ceased operations?

At what line of latitude does topography in Infinite Flight end?

When was the Infinite Flight Community founded (established on Discourse)

Who was the first member of the Infinite Flight Community?

On what day did Infinite Flight turn 2 years old?

Were 3D buildings ever in development?

Which aircraft came in 4th place in the “Vote For The Next Aircraft” poll?

What languages are represented in the Infinite Flight Community?

How many callsigns are there in Infinite Flight?

What is the most flown plane in Infinite Flight?

What was the former name of the Casual Server?

What was the third aircraft added to Infinite Flight?

What was the first aircraft to be reworked in Infinite Flight?

What is the oldest plane which has not been reworked in Infinite Flight?

What is the newest plane which has not been reworked in Infinite Flight?

What aircraft was removed from Infinite Flight?

What airport in Europe frequently has ATC service on the training server but is not overly popular?

What region of the world is least popular in Infinite Flight?

What is the ratio of Infinite Flight pilots to Infinite Flight Community members?

How long do you have to fly to be able to announce low fuel on the Expert Server?

A flight of how many hours is considered an Ultra Long Haul?

Can the 737BBJ circumnavigate the globe in Infinite Flight?

How many pounds of weight makes a Boeing 717 over the Max Takeoff Weight in Infinite Flight?

When speaking to ATC at Boston’s airport, what does your pilot call the airport?

What is the maximum possible flight time in Infinite Fight?

How many characters are allowed for a reply on the Infinite Flight Community?

What is the largest aircraft in the Binter Canarias livery in Infinite Flight?

What class of airport is KRIC?

What is the most common drink in the cockpits of aircraft in Infinite’s Flight?

What is the name of the magazine in the Boeing 737 cockpit?

What is the feature with the most votes that was added to Infinite Flight?

What was the former name of Infinite flight?

How many of the top 10 US airlines have Virtual Airlines?

Who is the most recently added Staff member?

Is this a secret question?


This is a great idea! I’m exited to see it when it’s done!


  • How May hours do you need to be a Second Officer at Alaska Virtual?

I just can’t think of much else currently.

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Sorry, but why do we need this?

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He’s getting question suggestions for a kahoot he is making.

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And a Kahoot is necessary why…?

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They’re fun for people to play, it’s kind of like a quiz, but it’s super fun.
And it might help more people download IF or join the community.


But everyone here has already downloaded IF.

How are they going to know about this if they’re not on the community?


There a kahoot website where people can play others kahoots, some of the people that play the kahoot might download IF and learn about it too.
@Etrain made the thread to have people suggest questions.


And how many people do you think actually look at those?

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I don’t know exactly, but probably quite a few. Maybe more than 50.


Well, this has had 14 likes, and @Butter_Boi and me have viewed it for sure…and I think @anon57683537 at least 20 times over, nice one mate 👍. I’d be interested in the first member on the IFC.

This has already had 100 views 😂


I apologize! I accidentally disabled notifications for this thread. @Altaria55 I’m just trying to create a new way to bring the community together, and I came up with this idea. Whether or not it will have a good turnout, we can only guess. We will just have to wait and see.

To everyone else, thanks for your input! There are some great questions here.


Who was the first person to be promoted to Regular?


Name an IFATC recruiter.

Where was last FNF held?

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This actually seems awesome! Count me in! 🙌🏻