Project Junkers Ju 87 R-4 "Stuka"

Well… This is going be such a fun thread to start!
Right now there is a JU 87 being rebuilt. There’s currently three in the world with this one and this will be if I recall the only active flying one once built.

The Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka” was a German World War Two Dive Bomber, The aircraft was easily recognisable by its inverted gull wings and fixed spatted undercarriag. Upon the leading edges of its faired main gear legs were mounted the Jericho-Trompete (Jericho trumpet) wailing sirens, becoming the propaganda symbol of German air power and the blitzkrie victories of 1939–1942. The Stuka’s design included several innovative features, including automatic pull-up dive brake under both wings to ensure that the aircraft recovered from its attack dive even if the pilot blacked out from the high g-forces, Anytime I see an update I’ll share!


What! @anon93248082 enjoys something that’s not a rotor blade?!


But in all seriousness, once this thing is rebuilt, it will be the cream of the crop at all its airshows. Wish I can see it someday.

A real Stuka with a Trumpet? I’ll go to an Airshow across the pond to see that

Cool. Do you know it’s backround? I have a book called ‘Hidden Warbirds’ and I have it’s sequel. It’s stories of the background, finding, and restoring warbirds. It’s a pretty cool book.

I love stukas

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