Project John Wayne (KSNA)

Source: John Wayne Airport photo Don Ramey Logan.jpg from Wikimedia Commons by Don Ramey Logan, CC-BY 4.0

Exhilarating departures and approaches, avoiding LAX traffic & long TSA lines, and having the perfect combination of general and commercial aviation operations. Easily the best airport in the United States (I’m a bit biased). What’s not to love?

When will John Wayne Airport become 3D?

I can’t make any guarantees, but I’m hoping for a 24.3 (very optimistic) or 24.4 (most likely) release date. Though, if I don’t meet these deadlines, then I don’t.

Progress Tracker

As shown in the image, this evidently still has a long way to go.

2D Work - 2D has been completed prior, but it is needing of fixes, updates, and upgrades. For future 2D, I also hope to add to add the parking lot on approach, parking lots that surround the airport fence, and complex road networks in the airport to provide the airport a bit more life, but this is something that is not being worked on for now.
3D Work - 3D is commencing for now since I’m making 2D fixes alongside as needed.

  1. Main Terminal Buildings - These are already built and established. But unfortunately, the main WIP terminal buildings (built by the IFATC SoCal Realism Expert, Thunderbolt) started being built almost 2 years ago at this point, and to maximize realism and bring it up to current editing standards, I plan to completely rework the terminal and its surrounding road system to bring it to life.
  2. ACI Jet North, ACI Jet South, Clay Lacy, ATC Tower, Fire Station, and other buildings! - I have started work on both ACI Jet North and Clay Lacy. I will provide frequent updates as progress gets moving.
  3. Lyon Air Museum - An Iconic Part of SNA! Coming soon, stay tuned
New John Wayne Airport Guide

With the release of this airport, I (alongside Butter575), will release a new and revised airport guide which will be hyper-realistic. It will cover realistic flying procedures (including some of the specialities like noise abatement, 15 degree upwind/final and wake turbulence/jet blast avoidance!) and highly realistic ATC operations in all configurations to maximize realism and maximize the layout to allow for simultaneous GA and commercial operations.

Photos and Videos Request

If you have any pictures or videos you’d like to share, please do so! Any pictures or videos will be great, but specifically videos of the airport at night will be very helpful in determining lighting configurations.


This would be amazing to see 3D!


Nice! Hopefully Long Beach is next


Yes! Been waiting to see this airport become 3D


Great to see this! I’ve done a ton of flights into and out of SNA on IF (AA to JFK, DFW, Breeze flights, Delta to ATL), so it’s great to see it finally coming in 3D! Love hard landing there and blasting off like a rocket on takeoff, gotta love the short runways!

I’m sure @Thunderbolt is happy.


Very excited for this one! I see MSP-SNA in my future.


Very happy. I started this project years ago, but never could find the time to finish it. Excited to see that it will hopefully come to fruition finally.


Why is it taking so long? according to the photo, the airport does not need any serious improvements

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The airport is far from done. A lot of what I did in 2022 will also need to redone.

  1. Both Thunderbolt and I have been busy, so we hadn’t had much time or motivation to edit. I finally can now dedicate more time to editing, and I hope to get KSNA done soon.
  2. I was working on another airport, Catalina Airport (KAVX), which is now Ready for Release (surprise!), so I can now dedicate my editing time to John Wayne.
  3. The whole airport’s 2D is not too bad (even though I still want to make a bunch of improvements and upgrades), but the 3D is extremely incomplete. A majority of buildings are still missing, and I need to rework the main terminals. You wouldn’t want a half-baked airport be released now, would you - I strive to make my airports as high-quality as possible, and if that takes a long time, so be it.

Glad someone is doing this. SNA has been my home airport for years. Can’t wait to see it in 3D. Great work!!

Man am I excited for this! I’ve seen this airport without an editor for so long and glad to see someone is actually getting to it! I’m excited to fly a Delta 757 on the short 5700ft runway, which is a real flight (ATL-SNA)!

@RedWolf Im doing that route right now but opposite 😂

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No WIP to share, but currently at the best airport in the US. Expect a WIP in a few days.


The knocked over cone is the icing on the cake 🤣.

I wish… [spoiler][/spoiler]

Hello I have some clips of SNA at night I can send to you if you would like just new to the blog wouldn’t know how to do it


I would really appreciate that. Easiest way to send would probably be via creating an unlisted Youtube video and sending the link here.

Can I message it on discord if possible? Just cause I believe the tail # of the aircraft at my school is on there and don’t wanna really reveal that my discord is swardak125

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Excited to see where this goes! I live close to KSNA so it’s definitely up there in my list of favorite airports!

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