Project Japan

Welcome to the development thread of Project Japan! A few airport editors apart of the IFAET have come together to work on making Japan’s airports come to life!

Japan is known for their unique airport designs and rooftop terraces. Commercial aviation in Japan is taken over by JAL, ANA, Peach Aviation, Starflyer, Skymarks, IBEX, FDA, Solaseed, and more. We hope that the addition of airports will be able to increase Japanese aviation’s presence in Infinite Flight!

ICAO Airport Editor(s) Status
RJAA Tokyo Narita @FlightGT Released in 24.2
RJBE Kobe @LesterXavier Released in 22.7
RJCC Sapporo Chitose @Pingu Working on 2D/3D
RJFF Fukuoka @Kamryn On Hold
RJFK Kagoshima @L_sound @Kamryn Working on 3D
RJKA Amami @AK_Infinite_flight Working on 2D/3D
RJNO Oki @BP-Aviation Released in 22.8
RJNS Mt. Fuji Shizuoka @Kamryn Released in 22.5
RJOA Hiroshima @ThatDudeFliesYT Working on 3D
RJOC Izumo @ToasterStroodie Released in 22.6
RJOK Kochi @JulietTango Released in 22.7
RJOS Tokushima @nasubi Released in 23.1
RJOT Takamatsu @NemAir Released in 22.8
RJOW Iwami @Toukaneki Released in 23.1
RJSA Aomori @Toasterstroodie Released in 22.3
RJSC Yamagata @Kazuki Working on 3D
RJSI Hanamaki @CaptainDinglehopper @princeakatsuki Working on 2D/3D
RJTT Tokyo Haneda @DeerCrusher @LesterXavier @NJ24 @TAI Released in 21.1
ROAH Naha @Levet Released in 23.3

Contact @Kamryn, @ToasterStroodie, @LesterXavier, or @JulietTango if you’re interested in adding your airport to the list.


Thank you guys!! 🥂


Nice work guys! What about Tokyo Narita, Sapporo, Osaka Kansia, Osaka Itami and Nagoya?


Nagoya as in RJGG is being worked on by TAI. I might take up the smaller Nagoya airport sometime in the future. The others mentioned are 100% planned so don’t worry!


Big kudos to all of the editors working on them!!! Thank you!!!


Thanks Moots!

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What about Tokyo Narita to be 3D?


Tokyo Narita is definitely a planned airport for us! It’s Japan’s 2nd largest airport so it will take some time but rest assured it’s coming!


thank you! I thank you for your work

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So glad to hear we’re getting more Japanese airports, I would love to help as soon as I get accepted into IFAET

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Thanks for great work! I need RJCC with 3D… I hope it’ll be added.



Nagoya finally 3D??? It’s a dream come true!


Can’t wait to fly some FedEx there!

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I know that you are not allowed to request airports but I would love my home airport takamatsu to become 3d

And behind the mountains, the sun was rising, bringing light to the new day. The birds were singing, chirping a melody so sweet. As the world woke up, concrete rose from the ground. And Takamatsu was born.


Note: You may need to turn up your brightness a bit to see the sign

Interesting, presumably would be romanization rather than 高松, English being the international standard for aviation? Love airport work in Japan!

Maybe easier to read from altitude too…


I have a lot of takamatsu photos so if you need some. It was my home 7 years ago


Sadly I have to remove it anyway because white text isnt allowed lol. Oh well, nice speaking to you Takamatsu


Sorry, I didn’t know about the text. On the bright side, a couple days ago my wife and I were trying to remember an important event from years past. Memory could not budge until I saw your Takamatsu printing. Now I got it! Totally random, but thanks!! It was related to Takamatsu. (IF helps you recall important stuff!:)

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