Project Japan

This is for Japan and Japan ONLY. This does NOT confirm a Japan Region and is a project for Global Flight. Post your requests below :)

These will not be done in order

BOLD = On our list
ITALICS = Progressing
UNDERLINED = Taken by a user

First Class

RJBB Kansai Int’l
RJAA Tokyo Narita
RJOO Osaka Int’l
RJGG Chubu Int’l (redone by @brunocr98)
RJTT - Tokyo Haneda (Has been done before)

Second Class

RJSK Akita Airport
RJEC Asahikawa Airport (Has been done before)
RJCC New Chitose Airport
RJFF Fukuoka Airport (Has been done before, but needs adjustments)
RJCH Hakodate Airport
RJSC Yamagata Airport
RJFK Kagoshima Airport
RJFR Kitakyushu Airport
RJFO Oita Airport
RJCK Kushiro Airport
RJFT Kumamoto Airport
RJOM Matsuyama Airport
RJOA Hiroshima Airport
RJFM Miyazaki Airport
ROAH Naha Airport
RJOK Kochi Airport
RJSS Sendai Airport
RJSN Niigata Airport
RJCB Tokachi-Obihiro Airport
RJFU Nagasaki Airport
RJOT Takamatsu Airport
RJDC Yamaguchi Ube Airport
RJCW Wakkanai Airport
RJOY Yao Airport

Third Class

RORA Aguni Airport
RJKA Amami Airport
RJSA Aomori Airport
RJFE Fukue Airport
RJTH Hachijojima Airport
RJSI Hanamaki Airport
RJNF Fukui Airport
RJOC Izumo Airport
RORE Iejima Airport
RJDB Iki Airport
ROIG New Ishigaki Airport
RJTO Oshima Airport
RJFS Saga Airport
RJKI Kikai Airport
RJSR Odate-Noshiro Airport
RORK Kitadaito Airport
RJBE Kobe Airport (Being done by @Pilot8)
RJAZ Kōzushima Airport
ROKJ Kumejima Airport
RJNS Shizuoka Airport
RJOW Iwami Airport
RJAF Matsumoto Airport
RJCM Memanbetsu Airport
ROMD Minami-Daito Airport
RORS Shimojishima Airport
ROMY Miyako Airport
RJTQ Miyakejima Airport
RJEB Monbetsu Airport
RJCN Nakashibetsu Airport
RJAN Niijima Airport
RJDO Ojika Airport
RJOB Okayama Airport
RJNO Oki Airport
RJEO Okushiri Airport
RJCR Rebun Airport
RJER Rishiri Airport
RJSD Sado Airport
RJSY Shonai Airport
RJDK Kamigoto Airport
RJBD Nanki-Shirahama Airport
RORH Hateruma Airport
RJSF Fukushima Airport
RJFG New Tanegashima Airport
RORT Tarama Airport
RJKN Tokunoshima Airport
RJOR Tottori Airport
RJNT Toyama Airport
RJDT Tsushima Airport
RJKB Okinoerabu Airport
RJNW Noto Airport
RJFC Yakushima Airport
ROYN Yonaguni Airport
RORY Yoron Airport
ROKR Kerama Airport


RJDA Amakusa Airfield
ROIT Oitakenou Airport
RJTF Chofu Airport
RJBH Hiroshima-Nishi Airport
RJNK Komatsu Airport
RJOS Tokushima Airport
RJAM Minami Torishima Airport
RJSM Misawa Airport
RJNA Nagoya Airfield
RJBK Konan Airport
RJCO Okadama Airport
RJBT Tajima Airport
RJOH Miho-Yonago Airport


RJCA Asahikawa Air Field
RJFA Ashiya Air Field
RJCJ Chitose Air base
RJTY Yokota Air Base
RJNG Gifu Air Field
RJSH Hachinohe Air Base
RJNH Hamamatsu
RJOF Hofu Air Field
RJTJ Iruma Air Base
RJOE Akeno Air Field
RJDM Metabaru Air Field
RJFY Kanoya Air Field
RJAK Kasumigaura Air Field
RJST Matsushima Air Field
RJSO Ominato Air Field
RJCT Tokachi Air Field
RJAW Iwo Jima Air Base
RODN Kadena Air Base
RJAH Hyakuri Air Field
RJSU Kasuminome Air Field
RJTL Shimofusa Air Base
RJOZ Ozuki Air Field
RJFN Nyutabaru Air Base
RJTC Tachikawa Airfield
RJTE Tateyama Air Field
RJFZ Tsuiki Air Field
RJTU Utsunomiya Air Field
RJNY Shizuhama Air Base


RJTX Yokosuka (needs to be added to repository) @Narroc_Wim
RJTI Tokyo Heliport (needs to be added to repository)
RJTR Camp Zama Kastner Army Heliport

Looking for fellow editors to help out :)


That’s a lot of airports. 😁


well, I am arranging partners currently, so we can get this done :)

so are they adding a japan region?

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No, this is for Global Flight :)

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can you add vancouver?


that’s not Japan ;P and it has been done, visit :)


You know Iwo Jima is very far from Japan right?

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Yes, I do know, but it’s on Earth right? ;)


Also, can you add Yokosuka heliport (RJXT)? It was right across the street from my old house.

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hang on, let me check for the file…

@Narroc_Wim so sorry, but we don’t have that file, neither does X-plane

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@Narroc_Wim @JFKPlaneSpotter Yokosuka Heliport is RJTX, not RJXT.


Yes, I know, still isn’t there anyhow

would you like to request an airport? :)

I aas thinking about project germany

I’ll have a small scan.

I’ll be able to take a few smaller airports, if that helps you.

Please rename Narita Intl and Tokyo Intl to Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda.


After I have finished Warsaw I will be happy to help.

I forget a lot.

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