Project Japan


Japan is one of the most frequently visited regions by myself and by many others, however, it is one of the least edited. I have set out to fix that issue, and edit all airports, no matter the size, business, or usage. Here is a place to keep track of my progress.

Current Progress: 36/129 completed.

My fancy spreadsheet:

You may request access to edit, but only after you have contributed.

Completion Progress Chart:

If there is a certain airport you would like me to edit first, do not hesitate to inform me.
I am looking for contributors, any help is good help.

New Scenery Update

Good luck!

I’ll have to take one of those airports. :-)


Ryan maybe we should invite Schyllberg and Chris to our private PJ Slack channel…


Good luck they are amazing


I wish someone did this for China


Wow, I didn’t realize so many airports were unedited (maybe because the only places I fly to are Osaka and Tokyo)

Good luck on the project, your work only makes the sim better!


You could always do it yourself…

Or see


Whoa! A very big project indeed! Good luck ;-)


RJSK - Akita Airport, Akita Prefecture, Japan
The first new airport of Project Japan, a joint commercial and JASDF base.

Commercial Apron:

GA Apron:

JASDF Apron:
14 AM
With the completion of Akita that brings the total up to 27/129. On the bright side, are six airports, two bravos, in review or being redone. I will update a new chart after the completion of the next airport.


These where finished a while ago, not sure why I didn’t share.
RJSN, Niigata:

Aprons: Clockwise, JASDF, Commercial, GA/Helicopter/

RJEC, Asahikawa:


RJCH, Hakodate, was also completed, but for some reason the apt.dat will not load, so no screenshots for you. Just trust it was done well, cause it was.

Currently working on Travis and McChord AFB’s, after those are done, it’s back on the Japan train.

Current Progress Chart:
Chippin’ away.


Wish the airports in Taiwan would be updated sooner, too 🛬🧐🛫



We don’t take suggestions. If you know it doesn’t go here why did you post it?


Created this map to help visualize the progress.

Plus a few in Okinawa/South Islands that you will see if you click the link.


New Chitose.


North/South Aprons:

Cargo Apron:

Commercial Terminals: (Left Int, Right Domestic, South Remote)



Good progress has been made. RJCC was the last major commercial bravo to be redone.
Updated progress chart:

36/129 done. Progress should be ramping up, have two American AFB’s to finish and then back to Japan.

How can I start from ground at New Chitose airport(RJCC)

At long last RJSM has been completed. This Priority 2 airport was live-streamed as usual. I’m proud to have contributed to this great project! Good luck with the rest buddy!



Oh bud, fantastic work! 10/10, couldn’t have done it any better myself. Thanks for your amazing contribution!


Wrong picture? Looks a bit different than real world…


Don’t diss Epps’ work…

Sure you’re not looking at old imagery? US budget cuts have changed the layout recently.


When will these updated airports be released


Never would diss another editor, but the picture that I see in Epps post looks like an X-Plane default file…
It looke to me as if he has posted the wrong image.