Project ‘Izwe’

Project ‘Izwe’

South Africa. This is my home. In the native Zulu language, ‘Izwe’ means home. This is possibly one of the most beautiful places you will find on the earth. From the wine farms and the Karoo desert in the Western Cape, to the Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, you will never be disappointed by the beauty of my country.

South Africa is rarely noticed by online communities, and many airports in the game either are incomplete, or just poorly done. I want to make a change about this.

ICAO Airport Type Progress
Batch 1 05/09/2019
FALA Lanseria Full Rework Started
FAWB Wonderboom Full Rework Files Ready
FAGC Grand Central Full Rework Files Ready
FAWK Waterkloof Airbase Full Rework Files Ready
FAPN Pilanesberg Full Rework Files Ready
FAPS Potchefstroom Full Rework Files Ready
FABL Bram Fischer Full Rework Files Ready
FAKM Kimberly Full Rework Files Ready

Infinite Flight Airport Editing


Southern Africa in general is truely amazing


This would be amazing to have the airports reworked. I haven’t really flown in South Africa yet or Africa only through it. However if this is reworked then that will be amazing.


Progress is kicking off! I am downloading the satellite imagery this weekend, and I will get as much done as I can during my free time!

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I’ve only done ONE Flight in South Africa, so I would love to do more

Amazing line up for airport editing 👏🏻

Keep up the good work!

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Today’s the day! I am setting up my new laptop. I have decided to remake airports in this order.
First I will remake airports that serve regional airlines such as Airlink.
I will then tackle GA airports that serve small corporate jets.
After that I will deal with grass airfields.
Once that is done, I will deal with larger airports such as Port Elizabeth.

Note that I will not be attempting airports that are on slopes.

Also, please keep your requests coming in!

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