Project Italy


Yes, you need a computer generally (Linux, Mac book or any other device i.e hp etc.)
Visit this link for further information


I’ll have a proper look around Thursday. I have 2 exams left at the mo so will look at this over the summer period! Will definitely look into helping out the community in anyway I can


Don’t hesitate to contact
For further detail;-)


Absolutely amazing! Continue with the stunning work <3


And here we go again



Eastern/GA Apron

Main Apron



Next stop:

LIBP : work in progress
LIPK : upcoming rework on accuracy and playability

The latest and most accurate airports edited by myself in Italy are:


Addition in the next scenery push:

LICJ (detail improvement)


Great work.
My lovely approach to Albenga (LIMG) ends 10 meters left of the runway.

Any idea ?


Ah, get it.


Probably an ILS issue. I will have a look at this and edit this airport in the near future.
Thank you


Nope, LOC Course is not centered on the runway. My fault.


definitely one of the best GA approaches in Italy beside LIRZ and Pavullo,
here we have Albenga.

and LIBP complete


Main Apron


Cargo Area and Eastern Apron



I giive them a try. LIDP have to wait for the TBM.


Great Approach, Nice Aiport. Really Lovely.


I think you might better try it with the next scenery push;-)


@Johannes_koelsch I live like next to the main runway (33-15). I’m so excited to fly into the game in my little city!