Project Italy


Reason why it took 2+ months


LIRQ done by @Emiliano_Padilla


general overview of LIEO

GA aprons

2nd Apron

first Apron main terminal


I started Lamezia terme today


the airport that I was recently in :)


I am partially working also for the upcoming Alitalia VA (by @Fall_Etto) to have an updated italy, this is why I extend project italy every time a bit :-)


Thanks again so much for update Italy @Johannes_koelsch

I’m sure not only members of Alitalia VA will enjoy it ;)


I am happy that you appreciate it.
I will soon start also project czechia but I need to be finished here first:-)


LICA about to be finished. Alitalia VA and Ryanair VA will have one more updated airport !

only runway, gate lines, spawns, tower and beacon missing!


Olbia airport finished and gated. Thank you very much @Moritz_Babl for your patience you have shown reviewing LIEO. Now all for LICA and after that project italy will be finished !


Good work on that! 👍


LICA finished. It was a great project this!

good holidays everyone!


a new version of LICA:

As you can see I have updated the parking positions (spawns) and also the lines to solid yellow (black)


Back to Italy,
LICJ is going to have a complete rework


Guys,does LIMC camera view is fixed?i didn’t check in the last week


That’s not fixed yet; it’s not an airport editing issue. I’m assured it’s being looked at by the developers.


Italy is so nice. Good luck! :D :)


I will have to rework a lot of airports, as I started this project when I had still serious issues, now the problem is more the time. Thank you for your support!


some progress on Palermo-Punta raisi

After LIRN this is the 2nd airport I am reworking in project italy.
Rework means:

The airport is already in the IF airport data, but I decided to redo my edit.
to compare with the actual one.



Can you do these edits on a MacBook?