Project Italy


some progress on LIPX. I am definitely not gonna finish project italy this month

@Domenico here you go! next weekend I will concentrate on this one


hey, thanks heaps, I will definently be flying out of this one.


I will have to improvise for the spawn area since charts show me sth and google maps sth other


Are you planning to do entire Italy? @Johannes_koelsch


well,basically yes but not all of them will be included in project Italy , I am sure I wont finish it anyway before global, except if the whole IF airport editing team helped me.
After LICR and LIPX I will do rivolto airport the home of Frecce tricolore.
Do you have any request?


No, just wanted to know this :)
I will probably be doing some Italian airports along the road in the future. There are many that aren’t done yet.
Treviso, Trapani, Ancona, Comiso, Rimini, Brindisi, Lamezia Terme, Bari, Pescara, Alghero, Olbia, Parma, Crotone and so on and so forth… I’m currently taking care of Trieste. Don’t know when I will have the time to work on it though…


Glad to have you in my team! ;-)
You can just edit whatever airport you want but pls let me know and pls post some screenshots in this argument!
I was just putting the coordinates for brindisi in , but I haven’t created an issue yet.
Thank you!


today I started doing a very very crazy thing… interesting for @Kilt_McHaggis
usually I don´t need to do it, but it was a must this time

I drew the apron copying from the charts. I had to waste 30 minutes for something that usually takes only 10 min.

by the way @Domenico I am working now h24 on reggio calabria :-)


@Domenico here is LICR at about 70% done.



U r doing a gr8 job

U must do Lamezia Terme

Keep up the good work


Sorry if this is already mentioned but have you done Venice Marco Polo airport or Venice Treviso?


Have a look for yourself


´LICR completed- waiting review @Domenico

btw, here is the ´´new´´ airport can anyone guess it?


Um… the airport name and the ICAO is in the top left corner.
I recognized it by the satellite imagery anyway.
LIEO / OLB, Olbia, Northeast-Sardinia, Italy


I just wonder how you found it…


Great job
thumbs up for you


LICR has been added to the repo


Olbia airport apron 1


Here some updates:
LIPX- finished sent for review

general overview

then LICJ

GA apron


I hate airports with that type of military aprons like Verona…notwithstanding, good job.