Project Italy


Look 1st message for updates!


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Amazing to see LIRN finished xD


LIME may be finished today


Wow great news 👍👍👍 (hope everything is fine)


It’s done! It became one of my best airports in my opinion I mean, look at that detail


Main Apron and Terminal:

Close-up of the terminal area and its detail:


Great news @Moritz_Babl


Great job @Moritz_Babl 👍
That’s a really nice airport, thank you very much


progress on LICJ. project italy near to be finished.


quality level increased since my first airport.
I hope to finish project italy for the end of the month.


need only to snap and add some runway holds and after Verona (LIPX) project italy is officially finished. But I will edit other italian airports in future


I see some progress on LIPX. And you?


today I just had to concetrate for school so this is what I did today.
to slow the progress isnt it? :-/

here is a list of the major airports (red) that were there before of project italy and (green) the ones that will be for now avalailable

those airports are only the major ones!


Glad to see LIRN being green ;)


It will be really available @Kilt_McHaggis gated it already


pavement finished and lines are going to come!


maybe try doing reggio Calabria tito miniti or lamezia?
they are both indeed good airports for the south


Yes lamezia is very nice… I flew once in it


Don’t worry @Domenico !
First of all I am going to look at charts and google maps and eventually also to the current stage of quality of the airport, then I will let you know!
And for any other guy,
Now I am taking requests for airfields in Italy wich should be called aviosuperficie or air club.
Thank you


Reggio Calabria will be done if it isn’t done yet!