Project Italy


Is nobody doing LIME? 🤔🤔🤔


I was but I struggled with the imagery.


Oh ok 👍 hope you can solve the problem


This looks amazing <3


progress on military area ( northern part) and spawns completed


Wonderful xD

Can´t wait :)


seems like LIRN is complete.
I have some problems with Wedbing and SAS I don´t if I will start other airports.


I’m now working on LIME since Bruno gave up on it


Spawn points start with capital letters. Share in peer-review before submitting.


So awesome 😍

I can’t wait to fly to it ❤️

@Johannes_koelsch Thank you so much for redoing it 😊


Yeah, the imagery annoyed me :/


Hope you can solve the problem! 👍
I love that airport


What did you use, I have a great z20 SAS image


I used SAS Planet, although I don’t remember which quality level. The problem I had was the (little) north runway was not matching the imagery…the south runway was matching but the other one no.


Bergamo after 2 days with round about 3 hours of work


Wow 😲 Amazing job 👍🏼
Thank you for doing this airport


Bergamo after two more hours, only spawns and outlines missing


Looks finished, right? Unfortunately the airport will be delayed since there is an issue with the parking positions


Oh no… so will this airport avaiable in global update?


I don’t plan to delete it so it will be unless global is released next week