Project Italy


I am very proud to announce that a veteran of airport editing is going to edit LIME!
His name is… bruno !


Indeed, LIME will come after KMEM and KSUS airports…expecting to do it this weekend :)



Oh I really love this airport… I always see lots of ryanair’s plane there


I would say sth is getting close @mbmhwue148


Amazing @Johannes_koelsch 👍👍

So glad you’re doing LIRN xD


Where does your limitless enthusiasm for Naples come from? 😂


Please add @ + name so that we know where the question goes to

You are regular you should know it


1st: Pizza city 🍕
2nd: Great airport to fly to, amazing scenery
3rd: Lufthansa serves it 3 times a day
4th: Perfect length for a short flight in Global


You can totally assume who the question is directed to 🙄


I am self astonished how much experience I have now after about 1 month of editing.
with this screenshot I wanna show you the perfection of airport editing team.
( I am the one with less experience of the active members…)

thank you @Moritz_Babl, @Aviationluver, @Lolo31R, @CNwyang, @Henrik, @BrunoC and all other awesome members that helped me getting started in editing. Thank you!!!


You’re welcome :) always here to help.


No problem men…it looks really good


hello everyone …beautiful airports!!! just wondering if anyone is able to edit tito mini - reggio calabria…much appreciated and keep up the good qork


just be patient I have 5 airports open 2 more than possible…


yeah its ok…keep up yhe good work


Nice work @Johannes_koelsch !!


here are some pics about what is done and waiting review and what is coming next


LIRN Napoli airport 😍🇮🇹


positive rate with lines on LIRN (progress) ;-)