Project Italy


i believe it is LIME


I live near this airport


What about Florence, it is a single concrete strip, if I remember correctly.


No one has done it yet. You can look at the github website of infinite flight click on airports go to desktop version at the bottom right and search you airport. Maybe look before on wikipedia the ICAO code that you have to write in the search thing and so you can see.
However i am gonna start now Verona villafranca


Progress on LIPX verona
Should be ready for next week


and LIMJ? Genova is also important! do you have contacts with IF?


Here you go on airports and go to desktop version search your airport and not ask editors.
Btw. It is done


so, can you do it?Because it’ an airport quite big


I already did some Italian airports. Have fun with the rest ;)


I said it is done it is closed


I have planned to do that airport soon!


Please DO NOT post this link. I have a link of existing airports which are complete. It can all be found here:

If you are NOT an editor you have NO NEED to visit this library. Why? Non-editors who do not know what they are doing can inadvertently mess up our priorotizations and cause our editing to be delayed through confusion!

Alternatively PM myself. I am ‘chief librarian’ and constantly organizing this library!

Requesting airports to Airport Editors
Closed list for global flight airports

Oh OK!sorry for that questione…


No problem!


Ok thankyou


Any update @Johannes_koelsch?


Yes LIME would be great!


Well i would say it is a miracle that i can answer your question after all the homework i have for school…


I’d say that a good one to do is Palermo (PMO) Punta-Raisi or others around Sicily, as it would be nice to fly around Sicily.


just updated description