Project Italy


I am happy to announce the start of my mini project Italy.
In this mini project I am going to edit the Italian major airports
I have done
LIPK- forli
LICC- Catania

Other airports:
LIME done by @Moritz_Babl
I am working on
LIRQ Firenze-(toscana) ? @Emiliano_Padilla?
LIPX Verona - (veneto) ? @brunocr98 ?
LIRN Naples waiting review
LICJ Palermo - starting lines

Project Italy is near to be completed!


Do also LIME 😄🤗


Very nice, good luck


Amazing! Keep up the good work and progress!


LICC basically finished needs only review


Thanks so much for doing LIRN :D @Johannes_koelsch


Nice project! In bocca al lupo 😁


Thank you ! Crepi!




LICJ is palermo


I’m not good at editing but I have a few requests.

Milan Bergamo
Rome Ciampino

Thanks and great work


Yeah maybe in tje future . Rome ciampino i think it is already done and closed…


What about Venice Marco polo/ Treviso and Bologna?


Treviso dont know but venice i think it s done because it has a380 service i think and lipe my local airport well… its done


Would love to see something like this for holiday destinations, such as The Canaries ie Tenerife Lanzarote?


Yes, we need milan bergamo 👍😍


Please don´t request him a lot…he´s already doing many airports.Remember, every airport will be in Global.Those that aren´t edited yet will have a Xplane dafault version. This Project seems legit for me ;)


Milan Bergamo is a great little airport I fly there all the time. I prefer it to Malpensa


Cant understand you.
Lanxarote etc. Arent in italy. Please study geography again ;-)


Hey ive some problems with wedbing.
LIME is Milan bergamo isnt?
But Wedbing shows me LIPY as milan bergamo.
I am gonna edit milan berhamo after ive resolved this problem.
And this isnt a space to request