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I’m afraid not, it’s impossible to make an airport with airport diagrams only.

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Have a case anyway

Unfortunately there are no currently active airports in Palestine. Gaza Int’l (LVGZ) used to be operational and is present in IF, and theoretically had a long enough runway to support an A380. However it was closed in the second intifada and has since been destroyed. Even in terms of Israeli airports, there are definitely no scheduled A380 flights to Israel, and I’m not aware of any A380 ever landing in Israel. That said, Ben Gurion Int’l (LLBG) does have a long enough runway to theoretically support an A380. Other Israeli airports with long enough runways to theoretically support an A380 include the now-military-use-only Ovda airport (LLOV) and Ramon airport (LLER). There may be more I’m unaware of. I’m also excluding Military airports.
Hope that helps!


LLOV is used in case of a diversion from LLER like one time I saw in the 24flightradar a Finnair A319 diverted to LLOV when the LLER was perfectly fine. so until LLER is in the google maps can you please improve LLOV in Infinite flight

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Hi, welcome to IF!

I’m not part of the editing team anymore due to personal circumstances. I’d love to see LLOV but the editing team’s policy is not to take requests from the public. Instead everyone edit airports they find interesting.

The problem with LLOV and all other military airports in Israel is that: 1) imagery is poor thanks to the US Congress (google Kyl-Bingaman Amendment) and 2) there’s no public information available about military airports.

So it’s very hard to edit Israeli military airports accurately and indeed none of them is currently edited in IF.

I know @Major-Tom likes these kind of stuff so maybe he’ll be up to take the challenge, or maybe I will try if I rejoin the team someday.

ברוך הבא, טוב לראות שיש פה עוד ישראלים.

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I will be happy to see ILAN Ramon Air port in the game
ונחמד לדעת שיש פה עוד ישראליים


Hi @royfr83,

Ovda Airbase is relativly well document cause it was part civil used till march 2016:
How ever, since they have F-16s there it is in fact on my project list: Project Fighter Bases
But no word when and who will do this.

Regards, Tom


They need to update Ben gurion air port

יש לו זרוע רביעית במשחק יש לו רק 3

They can’t add it yet. See above.


There seems to be a construction going on from what I see in Google, but still we can’t add the new terminal piers since the imagery isn’t very favorable to edit the airport. I’d have to look at other sources but I cannot guarantee nor promise anything.


shalom achi ! ma mishima

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Acol beseder

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@rich-art-02 took care of business and created LLER for us.

I’ll update the project status later today.

Thanks again Richard!


Yay! I’ve been dying to have this airport added! Thanks @rich-art-02!


MaxSez: Thanks for the list. I’ve bookmarked it’ since I fly this region often. (Recent political inroads appear too indicate the Arab world is about to open a plethora of new routes & innocent passage rights for ElAl & “ARKIA” into the burgeoning mid-east market. (ARKIA’s Livery should be added to the Livery Base ).

I take exception to yr quoted comment @royfr83.
I can get a Cub into/out of an unimproved dirt strip at 500ft or less Wx permitting. Suggest if it’s in ICAO it’s should be built out.

Do Good Work, BZ



Are Yasser Arafat International Airport, Gush Katif Airport, Jerusalem Atarot Airport, and Muqieble Airport in the game? I know these aren’t your job as they’re Palestinian airports but I would love to see them added so I could simulate the old days before the IDF destroyed all these airports. Thanks a lot it is lovely that beautiful Eilat was added!

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IFAET only add airports which are provided in the modern day. Charts and procedures have to be found to use them and implement them with the correct information, along with satellite imagery. Kai Tak is an exception becuase of how famous it is to this day for aviators.

Ohh I understand, yeah actually all the documentation got burned down as well and this was before the internet so it is gone forever :( Anyways hopefully someday they get rebuilt so in the mean time I will have to use El Arish International Airport which is used for people in the Gaza Strip and is the main connection to Palestine. Thanks for the help @Ecoops123!


Well it ia because its famous, but there are also other, more random airports that are closed but still in IF. Berlin Tempelhof, EDDI, is an example

Appreciate your comment, @Maxmustang.
I’ll recheck the AIP and amend the list.


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