Project Israel

The purpose of this thread is to keep track of Israeli airports in IF.

Project scope:

This project will focus on civil aviation airports. Military airbases are excluded at this point but may be edited in the future. However, airports with mixed military\civil operations are included in the project.

Also not part of the project are:

  • LLOV (Ovda) - Since the opening of the new Eilat Ramon Airport last month, LLOV has ceased civil international operations and is now military only.
  • LLET (Eilat) - All operations were transferred to Eilat Ramon, LLET is disused since March 2019.
  • Airstrips too small for the aircrafts we currently have in the simulator.

Have no worries - there are still plenty of great airports to fly and control!

Current status:
(Last update: April 24, 2019)

# ICAO Name Last Update Longest Runway Primary Use Comments
1 LLBG Tel Aviv Ben Gurion 01-2019 13,336 ft. International, Domestic, Cargo
2 LLER Eilat Ilan and Assaf Ramon Unedited 11,811 ft. International, Domestic No satellite imagery yet.
3 LLMG Megido Unedited 6,982 ft. General Aviation
4 LLSD Tel Aviv Sde Dov 12-2018 5,695 ft. Domestic, General Aviation, Military
5 LLAR Arad Unedited 4,987 ft. General Aviation
6 LLBS Beer Sheva Unedited 4,603 ft. General Aviation
7 LLKS Kiryat Shmona Unedited 4,423 ft. General Aviation
8 LLHA Haifa Unedited 4,324 ft. Domestic, General Aviation
9 LLFK Fiq Unedited 4,265 ft. General Aviation
10 LLEY Ein Yahav Unedited 3,937 ft. General Aviation
11 LLMZ Metzada Unedited 3,937 ft. General Aviation
12 LLES Ein Shemer Unedited 3,773 ft. General Aviation
13 LLIB Rosh Pina 03-2019 3,548 ft. General Aviation
14 LLYO Yotvata Unedited 3,392 ft. General Aviation
15 LLHZ Herzlia 04-2019 2,963 ft. General Aviation
16 LLBO Habnonim Unedited 2,625 ft. General Aviation

Currently done: (Photos by @Kilt_McHaggis)





LLHZ is now available in-app…


…which completes the 3 airports of the Tel-Aviv district.

Happy flying!

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Tysm I have flown out of LLBG and I find it a beautiful airport so thx
Also I’m in El Al VA so it rlly helps the VA out that your editing the Israeli airport

תודה רבה על כך שטסתי מתל אביב ואני מוצא את זה שדה תעופה יפה כל כך תודה
גם אני באל אל וירטואלי אז זה באמת עוזר לנו כי את העריכה את שדות התעופה הישראליים


You’re welcome. I’m happy other people enjoy it as well.
By the way: LLBG has been initially edited by someone else almost 2 years ago. Now i’m just keeping it as current as satellite imagery permits.

טיסה נעימה :)