Project - Illinois - USA

Taking requests for all and every airport in Illinois. I will be updating this chart as I work through these. The plan is to have EVERY airport edited.


Good luck on this task hope to see the outcome soon

Woo I did a thing (after 81 days of inactivity on this topic, and like way too many months not working on this airport)

KAAA, Logan County Airport.

Image credit: Kilt_McHaggis


Thanks. Not many often fly to these GA airports. A select few of us always appreciate the hours of effort for these tiny airports when we fly in.

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Can you guys add the new taxiways to KORD by the edge of runway 10L and 9R, west of the United Terminal (T1)?

41IS and 54IS are actually my hometown airports located in Streator, Illinois! Can’t wit to see em reworked, i’m considering joining the Airport Editing Team soon :)

Do you know how much construction is going on at ORD right now?


My home airport is KPWK, but it is in good shape!


Currently imagery and incomplete changes is a bit restricted on our ability to edit up-to-date, but it will be done in time. 😊

41IS seems to be edited. 54IS looks like an interesting airport! It would be great to see you join the editing team!


I will have some requests for KMDW.

This topic could not make me happier. Thank for this undertaking! SWVA and the hopefully soon to be ALVA salute you!

@KTJ_Mitchell wowwwie sound the alarm!

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Can’t wait to see any improvements to KPIA. Was my home airport for a while. Now it’s KORD. I love flying in IL

27C is needed at ORD in November.

Other than the new de-ice ramp, is the new runway all that ORD is under construction for?

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New concourse and refurbishment as well

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Yup, 27C. It will be finished within weeks actually.

1C5 I believe it is. Unless you are only doing bigger GA airports, but I’d love to see this one done!!

KPIA is my hometown!

You asked and it CAME!


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