Project Idaho

Allright sounds good.

Also what dose pm mean?

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@Captian_Crafty You just click on the persons profile picture and there’s a thing that says message and you click that.

Oh thank you we will fly tomorrow

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change in planes can we maybe do it next weekend I’m doing KJFK to EGLL or EGLL to OMDB Which are all day flights but if you want to join me in one that’s fine to

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Ya that’s fine

Welp we just got our first snow over here.

There will be a group flight this weekend we will be flying into kellog idaho.

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Yall may like this. Its a video about Idaho aviation.


Absolutely stunning shots 🤩🤩 @StormyAviation !! Will definitely fly those suggested routes in a day or two.

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Awesome! once I get back into my ipad there will be a group flight.

oh wow…i’ll sign up for this once i get a new iPad ;)

Sad thing is that i’m still G1

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allright ill set up some special flights for G1 people. Also I post on this thread when a new group flight comes so go to that thread and sign up

oh wow…thanks :)

Ok we have a new flight 12FEB21 / 1900Z - Project idaho pt:4. From canyons to forest @KLWS-S83

we have a challenging Fly-In

13MAR21 / 2200Z- Project idaho pt5 The Short And High Fly-In! @ 1ID9

@phoenix006 im makin an event for you this weekend sorry for the wait. Also to make it up you get to choose the route and server and time over pm.

This is kinda on hiatus till early June do to school being in person again.

10 more days till regular (semi daily) flights start again.

We’ve got ourselves the first flight in months here.
Project Idaho pt6 6JUN/2100Z From Big dunes to World class whitewater @KMUO